Is it endo?referral diagnosis on nhs

Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me. I am convinced I have endo since having my daughter nearly 3 years ago I have had severe cramps during periods, painful ovulation, painful sex and 3 ultrasounds showing a growing ovarian fluid filled cyst. I lack energy and suffer from depression. We have been TTC for 19 months with no joy. Does this sound like endo? I have a good GP

surgery but they are reluctant to refer me. I just wanted to get some advice and share experiences! What are your experiences with referral and diagnosis?

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  • I wouldn't wait for your GP to refer you, why don't you refer yourself to one of the endometriosis accredited centres. Ive been messed about for over a decade! Wish I had known about this website years ago. My pain started after my children. Put up with it for years, trying this that and other. Good luck x

  • Thank you for replying. If you self refer is treatment covered by NHS or would I have to pay as a private patient? X

  • NHS :) just Google endometriosis accredited centres and there is a regional list x

  • You will still a referral from a doctor but look of the suggested website for your nearest

    Good luck with convincing the gp to referr you

  • I was told my the helpline that you could self refer? I had GP referral though so maybe it was bum info?

  • I'll let you know how I get on and what the line is. I have an appt with my dr on Monday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed he will refer me to one of the centres.

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