Terrible pain after lap

Hi everyone

I had my lap 4 months ago and at the same time they burnt my bowel by accident I still get twinges aches and sharp pulling pains even when I'm not about to have my period. Also my last period was over 42 days ago I'm not pregnant but how regular are your periods with endo and shouldn't they have got more regular after surgery also I'm in a lot of pain I can feel my period is about to arrive the period pain is slightly better after the surgery but it's still pretty unbearable does anyone share the same experience are irregular periods just part of endo? X

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  • Are you on any hormone treatment?

  • No I'm not apart from some tablets for thicker hair growth that I have been taking since the laparoscopy a lot of my hair fell out on one side? Do you think that could have an effect? X

  • Hi - were you operated on in general gynaecology or in a specialist centre? Do you know how extensive your endo was?

  • Just general nhs gyno. They said it was mild but are you ment to get some kind of rating? I also had pelvic inflamatory desise but they managed to treat that and they said the endo was gone but would come back. Do you have irregular periods or is that not a common symptom?

  • Irregular periods are very common as endo involves hormone imbalance which then has a knock on effect on disrupting your cycle. If they said your endo was mild I'm wondering how they managed to burn your bowel. A general gynae shouldn't have gone anywhere near your bowel. What I think you need to do now is obtain a copy of the surgical report that was sent to your GP practice as it sounds to me like something might be being covered up. There will be a small fee but I do think it is vital that we know exactly what was reported. x

  • Ok thank you I will do that and let you know x

  • Thank you for replying ! X

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