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Anyone get pain after driving?

Hi, just thought I'd ask if driving kicks off painful endo episodes for anyone else?

I had deep endometriosis excised in November, along with a lot of adhesions.

I was in agony after driving before my op but as the adhesions had fused my uterus and bowel together that now all kinda makes sense.

The endo diagnosis was a complete surprise to me, and I am gradually learning what to expect. I am experiencing varying degrees of pain after driving longer distances though and wondered if anyone else experiences anything similar? I'm not sure whether it's still early days from my laparoscopy (7 weeks now) or if all the gear changing can antagonise my endo symptoms. I'm considering changing my car from a manual to an automatic but this seems a little extreme and don't want to do that if it will have little effect!

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I've just drove and was in alot of

Pain. My stomachs so sore and swollen but I was finding it hard to focus with my pain. X


Oh it's just horrible isn't it? Do u find that the driving starts the pain? I am getting really deep pain if I drive more than about 25 minutes. Not sure though if it's all the movement from gear changing or whether i would just be having this pain anyway. i think there's a connection but surely endo can't affect life this much to the point of having to change my car!!! Tho the prospect of a new one is always nice im not really in a financial position to change it.


I find it makes me very uncomfortable. I'm in a lot of pain at minute and driving isn't good x


Hi, I found changing gears really pulled and hurt where bowel was stuck to pelvic and abdominal wall along with ovary. I ended up changing to an automatic, which helped considerably.

Unfortunately, bowel has restuck since operation in December and seems to be stuck to my rib too, so unable to drive at all at the moment.

I think if driving always antagonises the symptoms, then changing to an automatic isn't extreme. I loved driving a manual, but having less pain made driving much better in the end and safer too I should imagine.

Hope that helps. Xx


Ouch sounds like you're having an awful time of things. Frightening to think how quickly these things can return. Does that mean another op for U? My adhesions were down to the csection I had 7 years ago, but my consultant has said I've probably had endo since my teens and all, none or any of it coukd return. What I have learnt is to trust and listen to my body. An auto is making more sense the more I think about it. Thanks for your reply, wishing you all the best xxx


Hi. Yep, really down about it being bad again so soon after huge operation. Doctor reluctant for me to have surgery so soon, but think another op will have to take place at sometime as so debilitating and my sexual organs are at risk. Was a frustrating and lengthy ordeal getting diagnosed and helped in the first place.

How long has it been since your last operation. Do you feel the pain you have now is due to adhesions or endorsement?

There's some quite nice automatics out there. Reckon will help considerably with pain, particularly if suffer with it on left side. I'm missing driving loads. Xxx


My op was almost 8 weeks ago. I'm still trying to work out what pain was endo and what was adhesions tbh. But as the adhesions have been cut away I've presumed any residual pain has been endo related.

Really hope they are able to help you soon and that the next op is more successful x


Thank you very much. Hope your pain improves for you very soon. Xx


Hi, my name's Hollie, I've only recently been told I have endometriosis after horrible periods and pain for years, but am waiting for a scan or lap to confirm it. Is all a bit daunting at the moment.

I get really really bad pain in my left side when I'm driving from stretching to put my foot on the clutch pedal. I've tried moving my chair forward so it's less of a stretch but I keep stalling!

A new car does sound nice! But definitely can't afford one!

I was wondering whether there's anything you do to help ease the pain, other than tablets and a hot water bottle? I'm really struggling at work. Thank you very much, Hollie x


Hia Hollie, ohhhhh you have my sympathies and unfortunately no, there's not really anything else I can suggest at the moment. This is all very new to me too. I had my laparoscopy at the end of November and the relief when I woke up to be told I'd had both adhesions and endo was overwhelming. It was so nice to know it hadnt all been in my head. The thing is all the menstrual stuff was the norm for me. I Felt so good after my surgery tho and the post op pain was nothing compared to the pain I've had for the past few years now. I hope you don't have to wait long to be seen and that you get the same relief I did.

Re the driving, A few times I've actually ended up in bed for a couple of days because of how bad the pain has been. Sounds extreme but then the pain was extreme, but pure Rest really helped me and lots of painkillers and hot water bottles helped me too. It's reassuring to know that I'm not alone in thinking driving aggravates it. I've been convinced driving provokes it, Tho im sure my husband thinks that I am just looking for an excuse to change my car again. Joking aside Tho I am left feeling very anxious about driving more than 20 minutes, which when I have two little ones that I drive all over the place to various clubs and activities isn't good. Good luck, you'll probably have an interesting few weeks now as they confirm your diagnosis. Wish U all the very best x


Hi, thank you for your reply. Its really nice to know people are on here to talk to for support and advice. I don't know if it will help but sometimes when I'm sore my boyfriend rubs my back. I don't know if it eases it but It's really soothing and make me feel better - as in not upset for hurting again.

O no, bless you it must be hard with lilluns too. Maybe you can get your clutch pedal extended so its less of a stretch? Maybe that might help?

Thank you again for replying, was really kind of you, Hollie x


I know it's old but I'm in agony if I drive longer then 1hour x


I switched to an automatic in the end and was the best thing I did!


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