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Endometriosis, Now Post Hysterectomy & Contemplating Holistic Remedies or should I try HRT?

Hi, After suffering severe pain over the past year & having endometriosis for 16+ yrs I'm 1&1/2 wks post op for Lap & Vaginal Total Hysterectomy with removal of both ovaries. Right obliterated by chocolate cyst & endrometrioma & embedded in my pelvis & left engulfed in my abdomen & covered in endrometrioma. This explains all the pain I've been in... I'm now 45 & thrown into oncoming menopause.

I was offered HRT the day after my surgery but at present I've opted to go down the holistic route.

I was confused at how ladies I met the day of my surgery hadn't done any research at all....

Thankfully my daughter works & studies at our little local health food store so she is able to support me with differing ideas & I'm also slowly gathering information off the Internet.

I'm currently taking Nature's Aid Red Clover 500mg with Sage, Ginseng & Liquorice.

Nature's Aid Super Strength Probiotic.

Solgars Magnesium Citrate 400mg.

Solgars Extra Potency Multi Vit.

Nature's Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid.

Allicin Max Capsules (also used liquid form to put on my scars)

Cold Pressed Raw Coconut Oil

A. Vogel Milk Thistle Tincture (reduce liver toxins due to endometriosis)

A. Vogel Uva Ursi (pee infection!)

This may seem like an awful lot of remedies to take but as I've been through major surgery I'll continue for perhaps another couple of weeks before reducing but will need to maintain Red Clover & Sage, Coconut oil, Magnesium Citrate & Multi Vits & not forgetting to alter your diet... Coffee, chocolate & sweets, gluten, alcohol amongst many other things have to be reduced or cut out completely! It's all so very difficult.

It's early days for me & some days are worse than others, today I'm suffering headache & I'm unsure if it's dehydration (although trying to drink plenty of water/fruit teas/prewitts chicory coffee... ) Or my Oestrogen finally reducing & causing disruption.?

In amongst all this my Mum recently passed away so I'm struggling with stress & hiding from friends (not the best way to deal with things I admit) I really don't need menopause to make me feel any worse or depressed!

I was thinking I may have a prolapse so soon but after reading my discharge letter I know now that part of my op was vaginal (surgeon never informed me afterwards?) so hopefully this discomfort will pass. The main pain at the moment is prior to a BM when the pain is excruciating, on reading other ladies accounts it because of the surgeons having to move my bowel around during surgery & possible scaring?

My Questions to you are how are you coping with pain & what form of HRT are you taking or considering? Is there any other information you find helpful to you that you can pass on?

Em Xx

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