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Mirena Coil or The Pill?

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Looking for a little advice, and personal experiences from you ladies. Firstly I just want to say I know everyone is different and I know what works for one person may not work for another but... I am at a complete loss of what to do.

I have endometriosis in my ovary, and a recurring chocolate cyst, I had my last cyst removal in June (was a 15 cm, and then two orange sized cysts), and by July I had developed more chocolate cysts. I have a large orange, or it could be two cysts very close together.

I have been on the Yasmin contraceptive pill since about April 2015. I started of taking it for 3 months back to back and then taking my 7 day break. But because of my cyst growing and the pain, I was told to continuously take the pill until January; when I have my second lap.

My consultant has recommended the mirena Coil and said if I decide to have it they will fit it while I'm under. But I don't know what to decide..

Stay with the pill? Or switch to the mirena? With the pill I have no break through bleeding or any side effects (a part from mood swings and feeling down sometimes)

How have you ladies found the coil? Oh and is it easy/pain free to remove?

Sorry for the long post!

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I had the mirena coil and I had it out after 12 days. I never felt so ill in my life. Constant heavy bleeding, felt like my back was about to crumble, at night I couldn't sleep because I could feel the arms of the coil digging in to my uterus, it made me hallucinate, and I nearly committed suicide because of it. My behaviour also changed dramatically. No longer was I a bubbly girl, I became very hostile and wanted to punch people!

I think my case is rather extreme but I do have joint hypermobility syndrome which does make matters worse.

In the event of removal, it isn't painful. However doctors are very very very reluctant to remove it.


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carolineeballard in reply to MissBurlesque

That's awful, so sorry you went through that. After they removed it how long did it take for you to return to your usual personality?

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MissBurlesque in reply to carolineeballard

I did have a stabbing pain that instantly went as soon as it was removed, also it felt as if a cloud had been lifted. My personality came back pretty quickly and it took a few days for my back pain to settle down.

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I have had the Mirena coil since March. I had it put in whilst I was under anaesthetic for my lap. I was very much undecided about it, like you, and had read lots of horror stories online which really put me off. In the end I decided to give it a try as everyone is different and it might just work wonders for me but if not then I could have it removed at any time.

I'm actually having mine removed next week as it hasn't helped my pain at all and I've been bleeding for around 23 days each month since I had it inserted. My actual periods are much lighter though. My mum had the Mirena years ago and it changed her life. She had huge fibroids and very heavy constant bleeding until she had her Mirena inserted. She never looked back and it saved her from having a hysterectomy.

It might be worth giving it a try and if its not for you then you can have it removed and go back on the pill. Give it time to settle in too as it takes time for your body to adjust.

Take care x

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carolineeballard in reply to Froggy34

So after removing the coil it has made your periods longer?

I read online that women that have had babies find the coil a bit more comfortable because the womb had widened, I don't know how much truth there is in that.

My mum also has endo and she tried the coil and it gave her brown discharge every day and didn't stop the bleeding. In the end she went for a hysterectomy and touch wood she doesn't get any more pain.

Thanks for your reply x

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This my second round with the coil it works great for me now it takes a few months for it to really work I am going on 4month now and no issues beside wanting to eat all the time but I control that lol but I have no issue if your going to get get while your under it hurt like he'll for me but that is because I have an inverted uterus so it makes it harder for them to place but for you it should be fine but I am not you either best of luck and they also like to give it at least 6month before they remove it give a go round I say and I am in Canada s I don't know if it the same product and my period is 12days but it just spotting now so I figure by the 5 and 6 month my period will be gone and my pain is. Less now too give it a go at lest try you can always have it removed

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I love having the mirena it really has worked for me. I had painful periods, diagnosed with endo about 10 years ago and just couldn't put up with the pain anymore! It hurt having it inserted but within hours I was pain free, best thing I've had done.

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endo180909 in reply to flostaff

has it kept your endo at bay since you had the mirena fitted?

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I think you're completely right- everyone is different! I've come to accept the fact that you need to try it for yourself first, otherwise how will you know?! I had the mirena fitted a year ago whilst having lap. I haven't got any horror stories. It was fine. However it didn't stop my bleeding or pain so I am also taking the pill continuously to try and stop bleeding. I'm just finding this is a long journey- there's no quick fix and I just have to give things a try. Good luck

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I have the mirena over a year. I had to get it because post-baby my body rejected the pill. I was having constant break through bleeds and i had gone from pre-baby standard period to legit floods it was ridiculous. I no longer get periods and my only issue was the pain getting it in coz i have a sensitive cervix. I wasn on any anesthetic or anything getting it in. I too have ovarian cysts so the only pain i get is when they act up but its not a regular thing. Every person is different. What works for some doesn for others so dont take the horror stories to heart. At the end of the day if you dont like the coil you can always go back and have it removed. :)

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I tried the pill back to back it didn't suit me. I had the coil fitted couple years ago at my last lap. My first period was terrible but after that things settled. I still bleed from time to time and although not 100% pain free I really feel it has given me my life back. I haven't had children and can't comment on the removal yet. Good luck I hope it works for you. x

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carolineeballard in reply to JulesUK

This is good to hear, I think I will try it because it seems like the next step... I absolutely hate having my heavy period days during the week it is hell trying to get to work and panicking about "leakages" and the jumbo nighttime sanitary towels aren't the most comfortable!

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I have friends who love the mirena- they don't have endo but it worked brilliantly for them. However for me it was a nightmare and had it removed after about 4 mnths I had back pain, mood swings, eating everthing miserable!

It was easy to take out and not painful!

Give it a whirl as if it works for you it'll be brilliant! If it dosen't work for you it is easy enough to have removed. Since you having a lap you won't know anything about having it in- even better!

Good luck

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I like you was faced with this decision in July. After speaking to a couple of friends who have had it and were extremely positive. I decided to have it put in during my lap. My periods are now about 6 weeks apart and only last a couple of days. I actually think it has helped my mood swings as I rarely now want to cry or rip someones head off if they decide to even look at me on a bad day. I am still having a lot of pain and am waiting to see the consultant, but I don't think this has anything to do with the coil. The GP thinks I have more adhesions following my surgery. I hope this helps as I read a lot of horror stories on line, not on this forum, about the coil but as the replies to this post show for some it works and others it doesn't. Good luck with your decision.

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carolineeballard in reply to jack84

Thanks for your reply. Because you doctor thinks you may have more adhesions does that mean the coil didn't control the endo?

I'm hoping if I get it, it will lower my chance of getting yet another chocolate cyst.

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jack84 in reply to carolineeballard

No she thinks it is most likely the surgery but I won't really know until I speak to my consultant.

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I'm waiting to have the mirena removed, after 5 years of pain-free bliss. I'm now post-menopause, and my GP says the endo won't come back. I don't believe her, completely, but apparently I would not be 'allowed' to have another one put in, post-menopause. If I could have another, I would - but we'll see.

I'd had endo all my adult life, but it was not diagnosed until I was nearly 40. Before that I was always told it was: 'just period pains, go away!' However, I was fairly lucky, as most of the time the pill kept pain at bay and my periods were light. It all became excruciating after I was told to stop the pill at 50, and my periods were getting longer, heavier and unbearable. After a lap only eased things for less than a year, my next attempt was the mirena. I had it inserted under anaesthetic (never had children) and that was all fine. I had some mild pains, for a few days, and then gradually lighter and more pain-free periods over about 6 months, by which time there was only a slight brown discharge - perfectly normal. Then it all disappeared, and the last 5 years have been brilliant.

My GP is happy to remove it, but in our area of the UK it seems there's some regulation about it being removed by whoever put it in, plus she thinks I might be better having it done in hospital given my narrow cervix and tilted uterus.

I'm not too worried: I've had friends (also childfree) who have not felt a thing, but then others who thought removal was painful - though nothing like as bad as having it inserted without anaesthetic!!! Apparently, fainting can be common - another reason why my GP is keen for me to go to hospital - but this in not usually because of pain, but something that can happen to a lot of women when the cervix is stimulated.

I would recommend trying it, and try to last through any early painful weeks/months.

Good luck,


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carolineeballard in reply to GrittyReads

Thank you Gritty, this has really made me make my mind up. And I guess with most things they take time to settle down.

I would definitely research into if your endo won't come back. My mum has had endo and had a hysterectomy before the age of 40. And she came off HRT a year and half ago, she gets an occasional slight twinge but nothing too painful.

My nurse has said the removal is easy peasy, it's always nicer when you have someones hand to hold. I'm normally very lucky with all my internal examinations there is always a nurse who let's me crush their hand!

I had my mirena removed in sept. I had a pain free 18 months with it in but thought it was causing extreme mood swings, very sore boobs, water retention and daily brown spotting yuk!

All those side effects went away within one month but some ovary pain has come back so I've tried the pill again.

Now I've had the pill most of my life only stopping to have 2 children. Never had a problem with the pill and my gynae Dr suspects this masked my endo symptoms for years but now it's causing bad nausea.

It's definitely a case of trial and error.

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I have the marina cool and it has been my best friend for 4 years - I haven't had a period for that length of time - it's great- when you first have it done you will spot bleed for about 3 months then it's stops sudden you will realise you don't have a period anymore, the mirena coil can only be fitted after having children, so I assume that you have children.

You can only try this if it isn't for you it can be take out very easily at your doctors - if you do decided to have it remember it takes at least 3 months to start working - but it's great - hope this advice helps


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As other folks have said it seems to be a very personal thing. Others have had a great time and others like me have had a horrendous time with it... I had mine 'fitted' under GA during my lap... The pain that I thought was part of my recovery was not as it never went away. When I went for my post op appointment I told the gynae about the continued pain that felt like contractions (couldn't be sure as I don't have kids). She said "it's just your body adjusting, stick with it for 3 months and come back". I did, had pain that at times had me doubled over unable to breathe for a few minutes then go away for a few minutes then again... I went back she said leave it another 3 months because it was doing what it was supposed to... Stop my periods and bring my mood back up (who'd thought that was possible with this pain). Then they couldn't feel the strings so i had to have an ultrasound to check it was still there. It was. This went on for A YEAR!!! Eventually I persuaded her to take it out, tried to do it in the office but after much scraping around my cervix (yes it hurt like hell) I walked out with it still in me and having to go under GA to have it out. I woke up from the op and was instantly relieved from pain!!! That is my story. Whatever you decide will be for you, I would never tell someone not to get one as it's your choice but my story may help one way or the other.

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carolineeballard in reply to FallenAngel1984

Thanks for your reply.

It seems like it is really 50/50. It may have hurt because you haven't had children. My mum had one fitted donkeys years ago while having a lap and she didn't even know it was there until she had her hysterectomy and they told her they found a mirena coil.

Sorry to hear you had to go on for such a long time before they removed it. I hope you have found another treatment/mask for your endo symptoms x

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FallenAngel1984 in reply to carolineeballard

Yes I'm back on Microgynon 30 under observation... I was taken off it when I was 19 because of recurring headaches... I've been on it for just over 6 months and so far so good... I take it back to back, and my periods have stopped and the pain has reduced significantly... Hopefully I've found 'the one' 😊

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