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Mirena coil & zoladex together

Having being diagnosed with endometriosis over 20 years ago I've had a number of laparoscopies and laparotomys and had the mirena coil all over 10 years ago.vduring the last 10 years I've been pain free and not had any medication for the 10 years.

October last year the symptoms of endo restarted but much more excruciating than ever. To cut a long story short I had an ovarian cyst the size of an orange as well hence the increased pain.

I had the cyst drained three weeks and today just had my check up which showed the cyst had refilled itself and the endo has comeback.

As the endo is extensive I've been advised by my consultant to have zoladex, have mirena filled and take hrt all to give my body a rest to stop the cyst filling up, the shrink the fibroid and stop the endo.

Has anyone else experienced taking zoladex and mirena together, I've had them separatedly....but not together

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Im in the same position I have had mirena 3 years and take pop too and now my gynae put me on danazol (similar to zoladex which i also had before)and it just seems such alot of drugs. The alternative is another lap. I have had five already eeek! I get severe migraine too so in a real dilemma like you. Suppose we have to take their advice but i feel like a guineapig at times!! Feel for you its so hard. Xx

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Thank you Ppdotter

I agree totally with you about feeling like a guinea pig.. My consultant tried to explain it all saying the zoladex would shrink the cyst and fibroid and the mirena would assist the zoladex with the endometriosis...but yes it does seem like a lot of drugs... And not just that but they are all hormonal so not sure about the side effects. When I looked on the internet other peoples experiences horrified me. When I've take both drugs separately I've had no issues but together hmmm. But in the other hand what's the alternatives when you're so desperate...

My goodness you having migraines also must've been a nightmare..

Hmmm the things us women have to go through eh...but staying positive helps and definitely finding this website and chat room has been great bearing in mind I only found it yday... I was so desperate after my appointment I just typed my heart out


Hi I have just finished 6 months of decapeptyl while having the coil. I didn't experience any flare up stage or any bleeding at all, my coil had been in place for a few years though so was very settled on it. I didn't take hrt though. To be honest I think I had both just because it was in already and my gynaecologist didn't see the point in taking it out xxx

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Hi dsteve202

Thank you for responding your experience sounds very positive compared to the horror stories I read on the internet.

What is decapeptyl?

After having such a restless night last night I woke up thinking "bring it on" I'll take the lot


From what i understand. Mirena works locally on your cervix and surrounding area. No hormones are running through your body (for many reasons i got the mirena but biggest one was i react very badly to anything with estrogen). I am also on Zoladex. Other than the regular well known side effects that since you have been on- nothing is out of the norm. Zoladex has been helping me. I do t believe you need to worry in regards to having both as the zoladex is systemic- meaning running through your body and the mirena is acting locally. ( Im not good at explaining this technically speaking- but this is how i understand it to be). My mirena was put in to help stop my bleed and after 9 months i had to try zoladex. Been working well. Other than normal complaints nothing crazy to report with having both! Hope that helps!

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Dear Erikab0710

Thank you so much for not only taking time to reply but also explain the differences. I did call my GP this morning and his explanation was rushed and not clear re the mirena..

I'm glad to hear you're experience is positive as can be under the circumstances - right now I do feel I have to go ahead with this as I'm suffering with acute pain as I type...

As stated I have suffered from endometriosis years ago but last year they found I had a cyst and gave me zoladex to decrease it before having a open surgery to remove it..

After surgery I was told the cyst had disappeared and dissolved itself. 3 days after returning home I was back in pain and after a series if going back to doctors and to hospital as emergency. I eventually had another scan and MRI scan to find the cyst was still there and the size if an orange so pushing on my organs causing excruciating pain. Problem was the now couldn't re operate so I had to have it drained.. I was devastesed and it's only been 3 weeks since the draining and yesterday results shows the cyst has refilled itself hence the need for zoladex and mirena - nightmare us an understatement .... But I'm trying to kept positive..

Think you so much I'm hoping for a positive response to the medication - we all need a break now eh


Decapeptyl is the same thing as zoladex! I hope it goes well for you! Good luck! Xxx


Thank you so much x


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