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The mirena coil ?

Hi again I have the mirena coil fitted, for those who don't know my story I'm basically like everyone else on here and in pain most days but have not been diagnosed with endo but with cysts, I know its endo after doing my research

anyway I had the coil fitted a year ago at same time as having laparoscopy and have just been reading up on it and it says do not use if you have endometriosis! ?

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Most of us on here have got a Mirena, or had one at some stage. And we've all got endo :)

If you do have endo, it won't do it any harm, if that's what you're worried about.

C x


Thanks chrissie x


Yes I've got mirena and had too as I was bleeding so much, had it put in during lap. It could be the old copper coils they used to use? They have been found to not help endo


It does help endo..but in a round about way.

It should stop or reduce your periods and period pains a lot..which is actually a great help to many of us battling with that as well as endo.

It doesn't stop the endo you already have.

It should help though because by stopping your periods there is very little likelyhood of menstrual lining bleeds and backflow up the fallopian tubes in the wrong direction and possibly causing more endo when it comes out in to the outer extremities of the ovaries and nearby tissues.

So there could be real benefits if the theory about one way endo spreads is to be believed.

Ofcourse backflow of blood doesn't account for all the endo found everywhere but it could play a role in causing some of it.

The biggest plus point is that if you give it time to settle and it does get to work and it does stop your periods like it is supposed to, that gives you back at least 1 week every month of every year -or at least a quarter of every year able to do other things and not have to worry about being on, carrying around everything you need, planning events and trips carefully because you might just have an accidental flood etc. Saves a fortune of tampons and towels too. For all the faff of getting it put in, there are plenty of positives to having it.

IT doesn't suit everyone by any means, but it has been fab for the majority and that is thousands and thousands of ladies with few or no complaints.

They won't bother rejoicing, just get on with living, whereas those who have had a bad time are more likely to grumble about it online....much as I do about Zoladex.

It also says not to use mirena if you have not had children and not to use the mirena if you have a uterine deformity... I have not had kids and i have a very deformed uterus set up... and i have a mirena which works. It was installed carefully during a surgery and will need surgery to remove it too..... but aside from that it has been brilliant.


oh impatient thought you would be interested to know that they are now in fact promoting mirena to young girls who have not had babies due to its effectiveness as a long term contraceptive (lcp's are all the rage these days)

apparently they can be easier to put in when you've not been stretched and tugged out of shape down there by a passing head.

literally just for your info not trying to correct you but your such a fan of it i though you would find it interesting to know that it is now being offered to a wider audience.


I had a Laparoscopy, along with a diagnostic Hysteroscopy 3 weeks ago to see if I had Endometriosis. They also cut me to look at my appendix as well. They decided to fit a Mirena Coil, without really properly explaining it was a coil one hour before my surgery. I have not had Children, I cannot have sexual intercourse as I have sexual dysfunction issues and pain on any arousal, so I don't need a contraceptive. I was found to be clear of Endometriosis when they went inside, I have had pain on periods and heavy periods for 2 days, but I am not happy the just went ahead and fitted the coil, this was never disgusted with my Specialist. I was also diagnosed with Low Active Thyroid, which may affect my periods whilst iron, vitamins get level.

After 2 weeks, feeling very ill, bouts of very low depression, Extreme dizzy spells and constant nausea. I went to A&E in pain and I was told I had developed a Kidney infection, but no one scanned the Coil or removed it, even though I said I was in pain in that area. They put this down to the Kidney infection.

I go to the Doctors 3 days later for a check up as requested by the hospital, still in pain but slightly better, again no attempt was made to look at the Coil.

A Day later I was in so much pain with cramping, feeling faint, the pain increased, my stomach cramped so much, I had to run tot the loo, and both ends. Severe pain in my vagina, across my right buttock, and down my right leg. I was still bleeding quite heavily. My partner came in as I had called him, and rang 111. An Ambulance was called.

I was taken to A&E and I had a temperature, and was referred to the specialist and it was agreed that the Mirena Coil in my instance should not have been fitted. I was referred to the call out Gynaecologist and after discussion it was removed. Nausea, depression, and lowered sex drive, headaches, weight gain and pain were some of the side effects for some, I appeared to be experiencing, which I didn't need.

The dizziness left me in just 6 hours, the severe cramping left me , extreme nausea disappeared, I am now bleeding and been given medication for the bleeding and pain. However I am far much better, my colour has returned to my face, I cannot believe the complete difference to how I feel now.

This may be something they automatically put in place with every woman having this surgery, but I do think it is unfair to have something fitted that you have not fully been briefed about, and introducing this one hour before an operation, so you have time to get the full information and time to actually think about what is going to be fitted and the side effects this may cause, and whether this is worthwhile to you.

Its day 3 and I am still bleeding quite heavily, but hopefully this will pass soon.

Has anyone else had this negative experience of the Mirena Coil and had this removed ?

Did you recover and when did the bleeding finally stop ?



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