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Zoladex or Mirena Coil

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I am a little bit torn. I have just been to my gynaecologist as my symptoms of endometriosis have got progressively worse since my lap in May. I am on the mini-pill (progesterone-only), which I have to come off because it is not suppressing ovulation, which is only becoming more frequent. I can't go on the combined pill because I have migraines with visual disturbances. So, my only options are Zoladex (the injection that puts you into temporary menopause) or the Mirena coil (with hormones). I had the coil before I knew I had endometriosis, but had it removed because of excruciating pain which left me practically bed bound for weeks. When it was removed they told me it wouldn't be the coil causing the pain, but something else - which was when i decided i should probably have myself checked out, thus leading to my diagnosis of endometriosis.

I am absolutely petrified to have the pain again, so am hesitant to try the coil. But, I have heard so many horror stories of the injection, I'm not sure what I'm more scared of. Any advice would be fantastic? Anyone else who has had to make the same decision?

14 Replies
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Hi travelbug

I receive both of these treatments due to sever endo. I'm on the injection for 6 months and have the mirena coil. I'm 1 month in now and for me the pain has slightly improved. Periods are still very excruciating but this pain only lasts for 2 days whereas before my periods where excruciating for 8-10 days! I can't comment on the injection as such because I've only had 1 but I've had no side effects as of yet and I'm due my next one in a week.

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travelbug1997 in reply to Jane966

If it'll reduce any pain i'll be happy! I've decided to try the Mirena coil, as it feels a bit less daunting than being put into temporary menopause age 21. If that doesn't work my last resort is the injection with hormone replacement therapy. I hope things continue to move in the right direction for you.

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Hi, i had similar to you my Mirena removed two year ago due to very bad pains ( it was fine for 3 years before that) and have since been diagnosed with endo stage 4. I had jaydess fitted at the same time of my lap while under anesthetic as they couldnt fit it with me awake a few months before as just wouldnt go in and was very painful. Jaydess is slightly smaller & less hormones, and i had what felt like small contractions for the first 2 months. I am starting on zoladex next month and will be keeping the jaydess in as long as it behaves. For me Jaydess hasnt made my periods any lighter or reduced the pains, neither did Mirena. The decision to go on Zoladex wasnt easy and i had many questions for my Dr. Hope it all goes ok with you x

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travelbug1997 in reply to lou840

Do you think the coil intensified the pain for you? once i found out I had endometriosis, I wondered whether the coil was aggravating it. If you don't mind me asking, why are you remaining on jaydess if it's not reducing any symptoms? I think I'm going for the Mirena coil to start with, as it feels a little less daunting and a good next step!

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lou840 in reply to travelbug1997

Its not reduced symptoms but i dont think its made my symptoms worse either - yet. Am on jaydess as a form of contraception, i wanted a coil fitted again before i was diagnosed with endo and had wanted the coil that has no hormones (copper coil?) but decided on the jaydess as its much smaller.

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I had the Mirena coil fitted during my lap in September and my pain has been worse then ever. I can’t get through a day without taking codine, but in the plus side my periods r not as heavy.

I have been offered the injection but I’m scared of them and don’t think my doctor has given me the right info I need to no.

I’m meeting my new consultant in February so I’m kinda just waiting till then to see my next move. I hope you get the advice you need. Good luck xx

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travelbug1997 in reply to Xroisinellenx

I feel like I'm in the same position as you, but I had the coil before I knew I had endometriosis and I can't even explain the excruciating pain it caused me. But, I too am petrified of the injection cause I feel like I have no control over what it does to me. So, I am going to retry the coil, in the hope it'll do better than last time :/ hope it all goes okay in February!

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Hi have you had your endo removed? Or have you not had your operation yet to remove it? Also do you have endo on your womb?

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travelbug1997 in reply to N_12


I had endometriosis removed in May from my bowels, pouch of douglass, and the left side of the outside of my uterus.

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Hi I had a 3mth injection of zoladex with a top up of hrt as I’m 37. First month was awful ended up in hospital flare was horrendous they thought it was my gall bladder. Had scan etc and nope nothing but pain was awful. So I decided to come off my hrt. After lots of study on endo. And realising it’s controlled by oestrogen I decided I wanted to see was it my hrt causing the flares. As the zoladex had switched off my ovaries. Well month 2 no pain no periods amazing. First time in forever. I do have menopausal side effects but they are mild compared to that pain. I do cry and have flashes and aches in my joints but I’m managing get my next injection this month and can’t wait tbh. I no I will need hrt but for the moment I’m enjoying being pin free. I was afraid to take zoladex but I’m glad I did.

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travelbug1997 in reply to Smileyblonde

Sounds like a bit of a journey! But, definitely worth it. It's nice to hear it's working for you and definitely gives me hope if that's the route I have to go down. I'm 21, so the idea of putting myself into temporary menopause is quite scary. So, I'm planning on getting the coil fitted and if nothing improves then I will have to move onto the injection with HRT.

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Hi- I can’t help you out in terms of what decision to make as I don’t know my self yet, but i’m having to make the same decision. They have also suggested an alternative option- taking a double dose of the progesterone only pill. So I think that will be my first option as it’s less invasive and then see how I get on....

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Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ this is my first post on here. I see you had the Mirena. Been having them in since 2007 and they were magic for me, reducing heavy periods to not much for 3 days-ish.

Having it out today.

I can talk you through my journey with Zolodex as I too was scared but in 2007 after my lap and diagnosis it was heaven! My energy went through the roof! My cycle came back and the medical menopause was all temporary.

I had zolodex again more recently with HRT tablets - it was tough psychologically to do again at 45. The HRT was life as the first month without it wasn’t fun 🤪 But it’s given my body a break from pain around my periods. I get severe pelvic pain, controlled by meds, nutrition, exercise, meditation and am on a list for a hysterectomy.

I made the decision and just went for it but asked for help, which was there when I needed it 💗🤍💗🤍💗🤍💗🤍

Hope that helps and happy to answer any questions from my experience.

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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about your pain and hope you get some relief soon.

I have had both treatments and it's ok no real horror story to tell.

Currently on the miren coil and this helps the period issues alot (I have stage 4 endometriosis).

Before the coil I was bleeding out like a flood gate and now only experience spotting with no clots or major issues.

However I have to say with the coil I have experienced weight gain.

I recently have been told that I have ademosis which now has gone into the uterus also several fibroids.

To manage my current symptoms have been advised to take Zoladex with having the coil already.

So to be fair I don't mind to try different combinations as long as it some what helps with the overall symptoms.

I am on the waiting list for a hysterectomy as now that is the only option for me.

I hope this has helped and you can make a deciceve decision on how you want to approach your future treatment.

There is no harm in trying a few different methods as they will enable you to then understand what is right for your body.

Good luck and all the best

Stay safe

Stay positive

Be strong

Endro warrior

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