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Mirena coil

Hi ladies,

I'm after a bit of advice. I had grade 5 Endo removed in Feb then had prostap injections monthly until beginning of July. Had a really heavy period end of july/beginning of August. Had the mirena coil fitted on 4th of sept and the pain is same as the Endo pain x 10! I'm feel sick and can't tolerate standing or sitting, I'm literally crying in pain almost constantly. I've had all the contraceptives the GPs offer, can't take the pill (both types) due to side affects, had the implant but had it removed after 4 months due to heavy constant bleeding. I'm taking 2 x 40mg dihydracodine plus paracetamol and ibuprofen for arthritis and this pain but it's not even touching the sides.

Don't know what to do, the coil is there to control the hormones and keep the Endo at bay so reluctant to give in so soon and face another op in this year but don't think I can tolerate the pain much more!

How have you ladies gotten along with the coil? Have you had to give in so soon?

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Can you describe the pain? Is it crampy?


Cramps and stabbing pain in my groin and down my legs


I think it can take a while for Mirena to settle in. Mine was inserted on 11th August and I have some cramping but I was warned to expect it while my body adjusts to it X


Hi, I had the mirena coil and it was the worst thing I ever did. I ended up in A and E with extreme bleeding and when I got examined the coil had disappeared. I was in pain all the time and felt so I'll. I had it for around 6 months. I don't know if this helps but I would never recommend it, I felt so uncomfortable all the time.

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Hi - if you are in the UK did you have the endo removed in a specialist BSGE accredited endo centre? Hormone medication is recommended to try and prevent any new endo forming after complete excision but it sound very much like yours has not been completely removed and no hormones will be effective for such severe disease.


Hi I had the mirena for nearly 7 years should of been 5 at most but that is a different story. The first time I had it the cramps settled after 24 hours and I had 5 good years til symptoms gradually got worse. I had it changed on Friday and have had pain since but not that won't settle with strong pain relief. It might take time to settle but I would ring for advice if pain is not controlled or too severe. X



I had the Mirena for 10 years & it was the best thing I ever did!

It completely controlled bleeding & pain for me BUT I had to let it settle 1st for sure.

You are just a few days in, if you can give it a chance then do. Many, many people on here talk about how its not instant & sometimes takes a few months but the benefits if it does work for you are immense.

But everyone is an individual of course.

All the best



Hi had mirena fitted 5yrs ago best thing I ever did but I do have to take mini pillnas back up hope that helps xx best of luck give it a chance xx


Hey, sorry I've not been on here sooner. Went to my GP Monday as the pain became unbearable! Been given Metronidazole and Doxycycline as she thinks I've gotten an infection when I had the coil fitted. I've got these for two weeks, however the pain is still present and has the same intensity at times. I've got a follow up appointment on Monday again and I've been signed off for a week of rest so going back to work on Tuesday will be fun/terrifying! May have to have the coil removed but I'm worrying about the Endo growing back, particularly as I'm getting married this time next year, could do without another year like this!


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