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Coil or pill

Hi ladies,

Looking for some advice im back at hospital on thursday and need to decide my next step of treatment. Doctor is favouring the coil im not too sure as I've had two natural periods since finishing a 6 month course of zoladex and they have been virtually pain free, not sure i want to take the side effect risks with the coil but on the other hand im not sure i want to take the risk of doing nothing and the pain returning. I still have endo on my bladder and pouch of douglas as it couldn't lazer it during my lap. What have your experiences been like post zoladex or having a coil ? Thanks in advance x

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Hello! I started on the pill and had a blood clot (this is a year and a half ago), still wearing the supporting stocking and still feel the leg is not 100% as well as the stress that a blood clot generates...

I had the coil fitted last august and I can tell you so far is the best decision I made. The first few days felt 'weird', my back was very sore and I didn't feel right but that lasted I think probably 3 days? The good thing is that if it doesn't work for you, you can have it removed. With the pill and the side effects, almost 2 years later I'm still suffering the consequences.

Hope this helps :)


I had a six month course of zoladex and a few years later a two year course, eventually the endo came back and I was back in hospital. I had the coil at my last op three and half years ago and it was a great decision for me personally and the best option by far I've tried. Good luck with whatever you decide.


Coil worked for me for 10 years, bleed free & mostly pain free. Best decision I ever made! Good luck in what you decide.


I went on the pill for 8 years after Zoladex treatment.

I was taking 3 strips (so 63 days of pills) and then having a break of 3/5 days to begin with. But after awhile I started spotting while taking the tablets so I then went down to 1 strip and a break of 5 days.

I had a few abdominal scans while on the pill and my Endometriosis has stayed away. I have been off the pill for two years now and so far I think all is ok apart from not knowing when the period is coming and they are quite heavy but only last 4 days!!



Thanks ladies, what are the side affects ? I gained weight suffered severe anxiety and no sex drive whatsoever while on zoladex i know its different but i never what to feel like i did while on zoladex ever again, so side effects of pill and coil worry me.


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