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Has Microgynon helped?

Hi guys,

Just looking for some advise. After not wanting surgery again and also being a bit reluctant for the Zoladex and Prostap injections, I have decided to try the pill again.

Due to me having poly cystic ovaries as well as endometriosis, my periods are irregular so I have used Norethisterone many times. I noticed that the bleed I have after taking norethisterone isn't as heavy or painful, that's why I thought I'd try the pill again after 6 years being off it and 2 years hormone free.

My pain has been quite bad for the past couple of weeks even with starting amytriplaline and taking codeine. I was just wondering if anyone had any relief when taking microgynon and if so after how long.

Thanks in advance for reading.

Holl xxx

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i think marvelon is a better pill? my daughter took microgynon and it made her depressed. the best thing all round though is to see a specialist and have excision of the endo - this should radically improve your symptoms and help you deal with PCOS better x


Thank you for your reply Mrschuckles. Me and my consultant are both reluctant on having surgery again, due to only having surgery not even 12 months ago and also 12 months before that. So although surgery relives my pain for 6-8 months, the risks of surgery outweigh the short term benefits. That is why I have tried the pill again.

If my mood is affected by microgynon I will ask if I can be put on Marvelon. Did your daughters symptoms reduce while she was on the pill?

Thanks again,

Holl xxx


yes her symptoms have improved, it is only a temporary measure whilst she is in uni. as soon as she finishes, she will be having total peritoneal excision with mr edi-Osage in Manchester. this will hopefully, completely remove the endo.

I would say that you having multiple surgeries means that your surgeon is not successfully removing the endo. I would look to find someone more skilled. although the pill can alleviate some of the symptoms associated with endo, it doesn't stop it growing which in turn doesn't stop more damage being caused. the best treatment is early treatment, meaning excision.


Hi there, I have been on Microgynon for 10 years. I'd say it kept the symptoms at bay for a long time and I cant rememver how long it took to work sorry but the last 2 years it hasnt worked as well as before and i've just come off it and have been worse, so yes it has helped me over all in the long run! Xx


Thank you MeganMae, I'll perceiver for a bit then. Got nothing else to lose I suppose haha.

Thanks again for replying :)

Holl xxx

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