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Has anyone tried Norethisterone?

Hey, I've just been to the doctors and feel like I'm going round in circles again.

It's been 5 months since surgery and I haven't seen any improvements and my period this week was late, painful and just horrendous. Plus my dull ache is back which could be cysts again.

Anyways, the doctor today gave me Norethisterone as I go on holiday next month when my period is due. (Oh the joys!). He said to take it 2-3 days before my period but I don't know when I will start as I was late this month.

He gave me 2 weeks worth of tablets and I may get withdrawal symptoms or it may not even help at all.

Has anyone tried this and what was your experiences? Is it worth taking just for a month?

Really need some help

I’ll either be in pain during my holiday or on Christmas Day so I can’t really win tbh xxx

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I have been on norethisterone before, and personally I found it really helped. I had been on my period for about 2 months and desperately needed the doctor to give me something to help. I started it straightaway as I was already on my period, and after a couple of days it pretty much stopped it in its tracks, it was great.

I think if you're only taking it for a small period time, for example for a holiday, you will probably find when you come off it you will be ok. I took it for 2 months before I had the coil fitted and I didn't have any problems once I stopped taking it. So I would recommend it, although I appreciate everyone is different. It didn't necessarily stop the pain, but it did stop the bleeding which was such a welcome relief!

Good luck!


Thank you, how long did it take for your period to come back xx


Well I then had the mirena coil fitted, which in the only reason I came off it, so my period didn't really come back. I did have a bit of a break after the first month of about a week and I had some bleeding but not much. My doctor gave me the same warning about what might happen if I came off it, but everyone is different and they have to warn you. Reality is, some people will get on absolutely fine with it, others will or may suffer badly when they come off it. You may well find that you'll be fine, and if it provides you with some welcome relief in the meantime, it may be worth trying.


I’ve been on northisterone and instead of stopping my periods I bled constantly until I stopped taking it xx


Omg, it’s really stressing me out as my parents are making the situation worse and I don’t want to be in pain all holiday but then if I take the tablets, I could still be in pain or even worse, I could be in bed on Christmas Day in pain 🙄

Plus my parents are like maybe you should just be in pain on holiday as they wont take extra cover on the insurance in case I end up in hospital on holiday.

I’m in a situation where I can’t win tbh as my period has gone all irregular again so I don’t know when to start taking the tablets xxx


That’s such a difficult position to be in and sometimes family just don’t understand the extent of the pain😩

I was on it constantly for about 3/4 months. It works for so many people it will hopefully work for you. But if the doctors only given you it for 2 weeks will it cause you a period after. Maybe if it works you could go back to doctors and ask for more to cover you over Christmas?


That’s the information leaflet for them might be worth a read. Xx


I come back off holiday on the 22nd so I may get lucky and not have a period over Christmas and thank you I’ll have a read xx


Hi - I have taken it as I had a weekend away planned. I took it for 6 days all together (3 days before I was due on and 3 days for the weekend). it worked perfectly although I did have some cramping.

My period started a couple of days after I stopped the tablets.


Thank you, how was your period after taking it? If you don’t mind me asking.

I’ll stop taking it on the 22nd December so I’m worried I’ll get a period on Christmas Day or something xx


Mine are always awful - heavy and painful so it was just the same. I’ve only taken it that one time which was only a few days so it may be different taking it for a couple of weeks.

I’m going to take it again next week actually as I’m going away at the weekend and due to be on my period.


Yeah mine are just horrendous so either way I’m gonna be ill for Christmas 🙄

But it’s just stressing me out so much atm and I’m already feeling down and emotional for no reason xx


Hey i just replied to one of ur other messages.

Im not stalking 😂

I use it alot .. And im 44 but like u i go away and holiday ( quite abit ) and i do not want to b on period as it has happened once and it was awful spent whole time in pain and sleeping. So i take these... i dont even go to my gp i go to superdrug online or boots and order them.

I have sometimes even taken them for 2-3 months so i get a break, as it gets exhausting always having pmt, then period, then im so knackered from period. I have about one good week in a month...

So yeh i think there pretty briliant


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