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Anyone tried the new type of pill Zoely?

Has anyone tried the pill Zoely? my specialist mentioned it to me. He said it's a new type of bcp which is supposed to reduce the number of side effects which normally come with the standard bcp, because it uses a different type of estrogen and progesterone. I was just wondering for those who are on it how it is going for you re. side effects.

Quoting from an article....

"It contains 17-beta estradiol, an estrogen structurally similar to estrogen produced by the ovaries, and nomegestrol acetate, a steroidal progestin that mimics naturally-occurring progesterone".

Read more: dailymail.co.uk/health/arti...

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Hi Cooka! :)

I have never heard of that one, I previously took Yasmin when it first came out as that had similar marketing claims at the time less side effects, closer to our natural hormones etc. I think some of the Yasmin statistics where disproven and they had to withdraw the misleading claims they had made when it came out. I have struggled with the side effects on every contraceptive pill I have ever tried and Yasmin wasn't really any better for me. I'm currently trudging along on Microgynon as I don't feel that I have much choice because of the Endo. I would be also interested to know if this one really was better?

Sorry I can't be of help & I hope you get some more replies!

Take Care xx


Hi Cooka

So I just wanted to find out what you experienced with the switch and was Zoely really better for you

I have just made the switch from Yasmin to Zoely a week ago and wanted to know if it is actually a beneficial move

Thank you in advance



Hi Leigh. I'm probably not a good candidate to ask because I can't tolerate any pill. That's why I tried zoely because i thought the side effects wouldn't be as rough on me. Unfortunately I had to stop it after 3 days because I felt terrible on it. Headache, nauseus, lethargic., dizzy, depressed. I felt knocked around on it and already suffer from anxiety and depression so couldn't tolerate something that made me feel worse. But I get this on the other pills too so you may be different on it.


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