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Does the combined pill help?

Despite having had laparoscopy to remove endo last year, it has returned and this time in my bowel.

I used to take the pill years ago but hate putting synthetic hormones in my body - it gave me such awful mood swings and I never felt quite normal.

The thought of going back on the pill scares me but perhaps it can help with the effects of endo? I would love to hear if anyone has found some form of success with the pill (and if so which one) and if you would recommend it. Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

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Hi, sorry I don't have much info regarding pills, but are you under a bsge specialist centre, if you have Endo on the bowel you should get specialist help,

Good luck, x

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Im in the same boat as you.

Im 12 weeks post op and have had three periods while looking for a solution

Ive researched many things and asked for advice from ladies on here and im coming around to the idea of the pill again.

Been off it for 12 years but i suspect that is when this started.

I do believe it will slow it down.

I am not sure which pill to take im seeing another gyny to discuss this on monday.

It needs to be progesterone dominant so levlen is one im going to try.

Low estro in that one.

Im also going to explore progesterone only therapy.

Ill let you know what he suggests.

Kind regards


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Thank you very much Rose - that's so helpful and a relief to talk to someone who knows how k feel.

I am sick of the pain and content wondering where else it could spread and how it will affect my future and fertility.

Perhaps the pill really is the answer.

I will start doing some research and will happily share anything I find.

Good luck and please keep in touch



I've heard of a specialists, that can measure the level of your hormones (blood tests I guess) and help to choose the right pill. Maybe worth asking your doctor?

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Thank you!


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