Help! Just want answers/ endometriosis constant bleeding and pain even on the pill and mini pill

Hi all so I have endometriosis, had operation 3 years ago found adhesions and endometriosis tissue and removed. Was fine for a year and then the pain came back gradually and then worse it had ever been so went on the pill worked for 6 months and then the bleeding started every day. Was put on a stronger pill and that didn't work either. Then the progesterone only pill 3 times a day that didn't work, and then was told to take every 2 hours till it stopped. Well it came to what seemed like a halt so went back to 3 times a day like dr told me but now still bleeding again total 10 wks now bleeding every day and the pain has been so bad I've been in hospital on the endome when it's at its worse. Every day this pain comes and goes. I've had ultrasound which showers only that I have adonymious (sorry if I spelt wrong). Blood tests done, white blood count a little high but still no conclusion. I just want the bleeding and pain to stop and don't know where else to turn I just want answers. I have an appt at Gyno at hospital eventually waiting on referral but last time I was there all they told me was to use contraception and I'm worried they will just suggest another type of contraception which I don't want I just know something's wrong but what?

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  • Sounds like you need another laparoscopy and removal of endo, ask your gp to refer you to a bsge specialist centre, good luck,

  • Thankyou,

    I'm going to suggest that. I was told they don't like to perform the surgery so soon after my last surgery usually around 5 + years, but I just want to know what's going on and have a solution.

  • I had a a lap march last year and a hysterectomy in July, I'm now on waiting list at a bsge centre for another lap, as unfortunately I've never been out of pain, general gyne tend to miss endo in certain locations, so I would get a bsge centre refferal xxx

  • That's terrible. What's a bsge centre? I'm in Australia everything is done through the public hospital or private

  • Oh sorry it it's an English thing, an nhs specialist r centre, good luck to you. Xx

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