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Is ther a particular brand/type of combination pill that is better than another?

I'm going to see my gp on Friday where she is going to give me a prescription for the combination pill to try and keep my endo at bay after my lap a week past Friday . I don't know if there are different types of this or one brand/type that folk have found better than another that I could ask for? And are there any side effects I should expect? Thank you!! :)

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it really is trial and error to see what suits you best. Ideally the POP pills or mirena are best for endo because they don't contain oestrogen, but combi pills can be used back to back to stop periods too for 3-4 months then have a period then back on the back to backs.

Personally i rate the mirena coil as the best because you are not having to remember to take a tablet a day, you really can forget it is in there and it lasts up to 5 years. The best way to get it installed is when you are having a surgery so you know nothing about it going in. something to think about before you have the op.

it saves a fortune in tampons and towels, you can forget about it, and when it has stopped your periods you gain at least 3months back a year for short regular periods and if you are like me with long lasting bleeds of 2 weeks or more you'dbe looking at gaining back somewhere in the region of 6months a year of being period free. no blood, no cramps, no PMT etc.

It is certainly worth trying if you haven't yet done so, and if you are not intending to get pregnant for a couple of years after your surgery.

It can be removed if you do want to try for a baby, it can also come out if you are experiencing side effects which some ladies do get.

It does however take time to get working, around 4-6months on average to stop the periods with them getting lighter asthe months go past till they stop.

Much lower hormone dose too compared with BC pills. at only approx 20% of the dose.

there is much to recommend it if it works for you.

But for the pills option it really is up to you which you want to try and i would say give whatever you do try 3-4 months to see what effect it is having before you consider switching to something else. All drugs that add hormones to the body can cause side effects while there is an imbalance and in most cases the body adjusts and the side effects wear off. But if they are severe or debilitating then there are so many other options to try. it may just take a new pill with a slightly different combination of ingredients to find one that suits your body better.


I have the implant in my arms have had for a year and a half, since having it in my symptoms have slowed down although I am in pain just now and waiting on a laparoscopy I believed it is because I didn't get it straight after last surgery I had.

As impatient said there may be side effects as different medications work for different people so I would recommend you do research and discuss.what is your best option with your doctor. When I saw my consultant he was thrilled I had the implant as I haven't had a period since having it in and when I got it in I done my own research and my doctor stated marina was not an option for me.

Hope you are staying strong take care xx

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I'm on qlaira Hun I was put on it by my Gyne and I would recommend it to any1 I've had no side affects or problems on it and I've been on it 3yrs now. I've tried a lot of pills , Mirena and depo, but it just trial and error unfort so if u feel what ur doctor is giving u isn't working try something else xx


Woops forgot the implanon arm implants in my list of options. thanks Jas-mum for adding that as an option too. ;-)


Thanks everyone, that is very helpful. I feel quite out of my depth with all of this as just diagnosed with endo after my surgery a week past Friday. Lots of adhesions were removed that had been causing me extrame pain for quite some time and I am desperate to not let the cycle start up again so more adhesions can form. Although saying that I am not too keen abt the thought of having synthetic hormones in my body and the long term effects that may have. I am 37 and don't have children yet but wld still like the option to poss have them in the next few years so don't want to do anything that will possibly jeopardise that. I'm not sure abt the mirena because of this and also if it takes a while to work the endo and adhesions cld have the opportunity to grow back in that time. Will ask doc abt the arm implants and qlaira thanks and also abt the pop pill with no oestrogen which wld make sense. Although my doc is wonderful and very caring I don't think she knows an awful lot about endometriosis so I want to go armed will as much info as possible! :)

Thanks very much everyone, reading all the posts on this site and all the responses to my questions has really helped give me strength over the last couple of weeks which have mostly been spent in my bed recovering from the lap and procedures done which haves taken it out of me much more than I expected. Becoming more knowledgeable about the condition from other people that are also going through it haas helped so much - so thanks you again!!! xxxxx


If you're thinking of having a baby in the next few years and you have the double whammy of endo and age 37 my recommendation would be to try for the baby now. The very best thing to suppress endo is pregnancy! That's what all the hormones etc are mimicking. Waiting only lowers your chances of success in both the pregnancy and endo suppression. If you've just had surgery to clean things up your best chance to get pregnant is now before anything grows back or further scar tissue forms.

I know life circumstances may not be ideal for a baby right now but honestly they may never be and you have to be really honest with yourself. If this is your best opportunity are you willing to risk it? You have two of the worst time bombs ticking against you. As horrible as it may sound either could blow your chance of ever having a baby. Waiting is immensely risky. So unless there is something going on making it truly impossible to try now you're playing with fate by waiting.

The best treatment for endo is pregnancy! It can give people years of symptom relief, even longer if you breastfeed. Go for it!


Everyone is different but my endo specialist recommend loestrin because i am quite slim he thought that would be better for me and my endo than cerezette. Only been on the loestrin a week so its still getting into my system, still had pain on them both but a much more controlled pain and able to go to work, sleep etc... everyone is different though it might even be worth getting intouch with your gynae to see what they recommend you should take then duscuss with GP xxx


That's a good idea Beckst. Not sure how I wld get in touch with gynae but will look into it. Maybe gp can make contact. Thanks :)


If you do go combo pull I found the most effective were the triphasic type worked far better than the regular single dose all month type. It was many years ago so I don't know what's the brands are now. I'm not allowed hormone treatment because I have a blood vessel dysfunction that causes heart attacks and mini strokes. But before the strokes started the triphasic pills made a big difference.


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