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Has anyone tried Natpro natural progesterone cream?

I was just about to go on the progestin only pill when I came across this cream. It's a synthetic progestin applied to your skin and apparently better than the pill as no side effects. Obviously I will need to buy it, but I thought I would ask if anyone has tried it and had success? Thanks..

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I'm just about to start a bio identical progesterone cream and saw natpro when I was doing my research, I thought it was also a bio identical cream? The bonus of those types of cream (the bio identical ones, not synthetic ones) is your body can completely process it and as u say, there are no other side effects.

I'm using it because I believe I have estrogen dominance that has caused me to develop fibroids and for endo to grow. I've taken a saliva test to measure my estrogen and progesterone & get the results next week. I plan to start the progesterone cream the following week. I will then free measure my estrogen dominance at the same point the following month so that I can see what the cream is doing. I will also record my symptoms every day, again so I can see what the cream is doing.

I ended up buying through a UK based naturopath, although the cream she recommends comes from America. Its organic and sostenuto high quality. I just wanted to be able to speak to someone who knew about before trying as I was a bit anxious about not using the hormone treatment the doctors recommended (zoladex).

I think with any new treatment, it's about being clear of why you're taking it (for me it's too rebalanced my estrogen, shrink my Fibroid and hopefully reduce my endo symptoms), do your research (Dr John Lee is the man to look up on all this), weighing up the risks and possible benefits and having some clear way to measure its effectiveness. I've read that if your hormones are out of balance, you may experience some increase in your symptoms for the first week, two max. This is while the estrogen receptors change. It should calm down after that and then there should be no symptoms. There are guidelines about how much cream to use, when to use it and where to use it. If you've not got that info, I can pass on what I've found.

I hope this helps. X


Thanks that's so helpful of you to reply. I too was recommended Zoladex, which despite being 52, I just don't fancy as it seems so unnatural. So the pill was the next best option to shrink my endo. I am intrigued that you have had a saliva test for hormones, is that with the naturopath? The doctor's haven't suggested that but it would seem logical. I will check out Dr John Lee.

Many thanks and keep me posted in your progress if you don't mind?

Good luck with it..

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I will definitely be posting about how I get on with the cream- just keep an eye out for my posts. I will be starting it in about 10 days. I just got it delivered today and for a tiny tube, it holds a lot of hope!

For the saliva test- I organised it myself after searching for a private lab to do a saliva estrogen dominance test. It was a company called Verisana but there are a few out there when you search. I imagine they're all much the same. I've yet to get my results but I'll be shocked if it's not out of balance. The other test that can be helpful is cortisol- if that's really high then it can cause the same issues but the estrogen and progestrone can look normal levels on the saliva test. Ideally, you probably want to get all three. I didn't read about that until after I'd ordered the test. I've had such a stressful time and obviously being ill is stressful so I wouldn't be surprised if that's high for me too. I'm just a hormonal mess!


Wow good luck then and thanks for the hormone test info. I might just plunge in with the cream anyway and fall back on that later if necessary. I will look out for your posts. Really appreciate your time thanks.


Yes, I use it. Weekari is right that at the beginning you can find increased symptoms of oestrogen dominance (perversely), because the progesterone 'wakes up' hormone receptors and temporarily makes them *more* sensitive to oestrogen. So persist through that stage if you find it happens to you. They recommend you take it for 3-6 months before making a judgement on whether to continue.

Natpro (I understand) is the best quality bio identical progesterone cream out there - the people who make it have immense knowledge and have devoted years to getting it as good as possible.

I have a lot of health issues (Lyme as well as endo), and am trying a lot of different things to help at the same time, so it's not always easy for me to work out what's working and what isn't, but I have gone from what can only be described as haemorrhaging every month to very light periods, and I do think my pain is less because of the cream (once or twice I have run out for a few days and had increased hormonal symptoms and pain, though it could have been a coincidence). I am convinced enough that I don't want to risk stopping it.

Having tried many different pills over the years I just don't want to go the synthetic route ever again if I can help it. Too many side effects and I don't trust what they do to your body in the long term.

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Thanks so much for your reply and I think I will try the Natpro then..Good luck with your ongoing battles and stay positive!


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