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To Visanne?or not to Visanne? That is the questiOn!

Hi there-had a laparotomy in 2008 severe endo CAwed levels high-went homeopathic route progesterone cream (right idea but dose too low) endo grew back 6cm-went on pill,3 months then periood for 3 years-also went on candida diet,natropathic remedies (that faught estrogen dominance-settled thyroid) reflexology and endo shrunk to 3cm so was very happy!decided to go off contraceptive and stop alt methods of therapy to have a baby-after 8months no luck and went to Doc-endo had grown to 8cm!!!! Carried on without contraception for baby...no luck now I'm faced with the reality of doing something about it-im 29 figure there's still time,Thought about Visanne-so frustrating it stops ovulation!!!are there any reports of people falling preg on it?does it shrink endo?and are there hectic side effects?there's a school of thought that starving endo of estrogen can be bad because when u stop medication,and estrogen levels are maintained the endo goes into a feeding frenzy and multiplies like crazy hence when I stopped the pill my endo grew 5cm in 8months????!!!!

Just need some input,I'm alone with this,I have fiance and fam-but no one really understands the type Of stress this can cause!

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If you want pain relief and for your endo size to decrease go for visanne! It's not used as a contraceptive pill. It's the lowest dose of progesterone tablet available and hardly has any bothersome side effect. I'm on it and thanking those who found this drug! I believe it's a god send for women suffering from endo. The only side effect I'm noticing after being on it for more than 2 months is dry throat! I don't know where you live, I'm guessing its uk, my suggestion to you since you are looking to get pregnant is to go see prof. Possover in Switzerland . I went to see him and believe me when I say this, he is the best there is. If anyone can help you then it's him. Go see dr. Possover in Zurich, Switzerland . You will not come away dissatisfied .

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Hi there thank u for the input-i really appreiate it.I loive in Cape Town South africa,so there's no way I could afford to see this miracle docter your talking about.Did you see him?thank u for ur time


Hi, im also from Cape Town and my gynae is really good. I had a lap last year, i know it is not guaranteed to keep it away :( about 5-10% of women have endo and it definitely is one of the most underrated disorders as barely any medical research is done on it i think and some medical aids don't cover treatment for it. i just started a new medical aid and now they won't cover any treatment for endo for two years so i hope it doesn't come back. anyway, i have not tried visanne because i don't think i need to *fingers crossed* because my endo symptoms havent come back but i know my gynae stocks it as i saw a pamphlet in his office the other day. his name is dr alberts he is based in claremont in the same road as kingsbury hospital. he is really good.


also minimising wheat intake really helps with the bloating and all that.


I was put on Lupron Depot for 6 months to reduce my Endo and as far as I am aware, this is the only thing that works.

I am 36 and in the same boat almost as you. I want children soon, but wont start trying for another 6 months.

Lupron Depot induces the menopause. As estrogen feeds the endometriosis, with the menopause halting your hormones, the implants starve and as such begin to break down. I understand that you can remain on Lupron Depot for up to a year.

I have stage 4 recto-vaginal, and on my first laparoscopy I was told I was a complete mess inside. After 6mths of Lupron Depot and 4months of Visanne, although it is still very bad, my case is very much improved.

I have decided to have surgery to remove what is safe to remove and then try to have a child, and I am informed that 9mths of pregnancy helps no end too.

Visanne from what I gather, helps to balance out the hormones to improve symptoms. Effects differ from person to person, some bleed normally, some just a little and some not at all. In my case which has been since January, I bled once for 14 days straight, sometimes nothing at all, but mostly just a little breakthrough bleeding. I was however told not to attempt to get pregnant on Visanne, and to take a 2 month break before starting. Once you take that break, obviously symptoms will recommence.

You could try amending your diet to help manage your symptoms. The things you eat can also contain phytoestrogens (plant based estrogen) and / or xenoestrogens (chemical based estrogen). Both of these which are consumed daily, are identified and used by your body as estrogen, and obviously this is why even when you take hormones, you will still suffer, because although you may have stopped your own hormones, you are still consuming them.

Xenoestrogens are found in non-organic foods and in mainline cosmetics etc, so a simple change to buying organic, or growing your own fruit and veg is a good start. Change from normal household products to Ecover (for example), which can be found in most stores, and change your cosmetics to Lush (for example).

Identify what foods contain phytoestrogens, such as tea, coffee and alcohol (raises the level of estradiol), chocolate, non fermented soy products, fizzy drinks.

Also, with endometriosis in the body, leaving your body in a state of inflammation, by elimination of acidic (inflammatory) foods, you can diminish your symptoms further, such as meat, dairy (not including live natural yogurt), hydrogenated fats, fried foods and margarine. Some also find it beneficial to stop or limit foods from the nightshade family, such as potatos, tomatos, corgette, aubergines and peppers.

For sufferers with Endo in the recto-vaginal area, really boosting your diet with LOTS of fruit and veg and PLENTY of water really helps to maintain regularity and thus lessens the pain.

Hope that this helps xxx

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