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Sciatic Nerve pain

Age 65. Male.Diabetic for 2yrs. Taking Metformin 500mg with Glimepride 1 half an hr. before each meal. Total 1500mg /day. Vegetarian.

Fluctuating B.S. depends upon food intake. F.S 110 P.P 220. Recently I have sciatic pain from hip to toe in alternate legs. Taking 200mg Ibobrufen when the pain is severe. Is there any connection between Diabetes and Sciatic nerve pain? What is the remedy. I expect the reply from experts. Thanks.

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Though you mentioned you expected reply from experts, I am suffering from diabetes for last one decade and been to member of american diabetes association for quite a long time.

you accept answers from me then I can inform you everything.

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Thanks for ur reply. I was a P.R of the US and lived there 3 yrs in Portland OR. I came back to India because of medical treatments. I welcome opinions from those who have practical knowledge in this matter.Then they also become experts.Please extend your valuable opinion which I welcome. Thanks.


Hi take homeopathic medicine tab colosinth 200 potency once a day for 3 days maximum relief in 3 days any information contact. Drgupta09848023458 wwww.drguptahomeo.com thx


Check with good doctor.This is the after effects of DM and Medicine. You have to reduce colori intake by cutting Quantity of rice and eat more times. your PP must come down to <160. Check HbA1C.


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