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Out of Action!

So, after an inspiring start, I got sick so had a few days off. Then I got a hospital appointment through and figured I'd just have to start at the beginning again so I'd just wait till after surgery.

Anyway... I went in on Friday. The op went well but the aftermath not so great. I had a strange reaction to something and had to stay in. I made it though (hurray!) and am home but I had no notion of just how much pain I'd be in! I thought I'd be back on my feet the day after but I haven't been able to get out of bed.

I had a laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy and large cysts were removed from both sides. Anyone have any idea when I will be able to run again? At present I struggle to put on my shoes! Xxx

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Poor you! :( I have had this op too for a dermoid ovarian cyst but a few years back so wasnt running then but was pretty poorly for a while so just take it easy and don't rush back into the running until feeling ready. Get better soon!

Sue x


get well soon! I haven't had any ops like that but I would echo Sue's advice to take it easy before running again. :-)


Just wishing you well - sounds pretty tough that does. Hope you're feeling much better very soon. :)


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