Out of action :-(

I've not had a proper run for 4 weeks now. I've previously mentioned here that I first experienced a little pain in my thigh muscle - that lead to pain in the knee - just before participating in the 10K race at the end of October. I strapped my knee up and ran the race - which went well with no problems that day. But each run since then has got progressively worse, despite leaving 5, 6 and latterly 7 days rest between runs. It came to a climax on Wednesday this week when the thigh and knee pain started after 1.5km :-( The walk home was painful and for the first time the leg remained painful afterwards, despite icing, including keeping me awake at night.

Today I had an appointment with a sports Physiotherapist who told me I've over-worked, to the point of damaging, both my Iliotibial band and my Gracilis muscle (one of the inside of my thigh). She gave these a good deep massage and has strapped me up with kinesiology tape on inner and outer thigh.

I've another appointment with her on Thursday and in the meantime I can cycle and walk, but no running. She'll decide on future course of action then. On the plus side, unlike a foot or ankle injury, she tells me the thigh muscles have a large blood supply so tend to respond to treatment better.


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  • I do feel for you - I had a similar experience but with a hip injury. I tried to increase my mileage too soon and hurt myself. Then I kept pushing on for too long and ended up hobbling painfully after every run. I still get little niggles in my hip but I listen to them now, I'm just glad I didn't do more serious harm.

    I think I had such a sense of achievement after completing the C25k program that I didn't want to admit defeat whatever happened. I suspect you felt the same. Trust your physiotherapist and try not to get frustrated at not running. She'll probably give you some exercises to do - see them as something positive towards improving your future running. I couldn't run much for about 4 weeks but I was able to go to the gym and do strength training and use the cross trainer and I didn't struggle too much with my first runs afterwards. I learnt the importance of listening to my body and not being too impatient and I'm now being more patient and trying to build up slowly. I think it's very difficult sometimes to distinguish between the aches and pains you should ignore and the ones you should worry about.

    I hope you heal quickly.

  • I trust my sports physiotherapist, especially as she is into outdoors sports (hiking, mountain biking and skiing) and understands the frustration and feeling of 'cabin fever'. She's also the team physiotherapist for her local shinty team so I imagine is used to telling telling big, burly, macho men what to do and getting them to listen to her! I won't dare go against her advice! ;-)

  • Hi Swanscot, I've been wondering how you were getting on with your thigh. Sounds like you'll have to be patient and as I'm having to be patient too at the moment I can sympathize wholeheartedly. The plus side is that - admit it - winter isn't as much fun to run in and there's every chance that we'll both be rarin' to go by spring. Mind you I'm sure you'll be rarin' to go a lot further and faster than me but that's beside the point :-)

    Just do exactly as your physio says. I expect you could go on a cross trainer too - like sfb350 I'm finding it quite a good alternative atm - not the same as running outside, of course, but right now it's -2ยฐ and snowing here and I'm quite glad I can go to the gym at 9 o'clock and not to the woods... I'm doing my exercises and sticking to the cross trainer and bike till my knees are 100% pain-free. I'd hoped that would be at the beginning of December but it's not and I'm going to wait before going on the treadmill.

    Just keep doing the exercises... and let us know how you get on! :-)

  • My problem is getting to the gym. Although I'm not currently in paid employment outside the house, I don't have transport during the day and I live 15 miles from the nearest gym and pool. I could go in the evenings, but the thought of going out and back on icy roads in the dark, is not the most enticing. I'll probably stick to getting out on my bike, using the exercise bike at home, and getting back into yoga! Plenty of core and upper-body workout when doing the poses that require you to support your body weight with arms.

  • Really sorry to hear that, but it should recover pretty quickly with proper rest. At least you can swim and cycle, so you can keep your overall fitness levels up, then you won't be going from ground zero when you get back to the running.

    Very best of luck in your recovery, hang on in there and don't let it stop you blogging. Get better soon :-)

  • Thanks, I'll try to get some nice photos from my walks or cycles to share with you all, if we get some sunshine with the frost.

  • Oh dear, dear Swan, I am so sorry. But, I do know that you'll recover quickly and meanwhile you can do stuff like swimming and, as Mitts says, with winter coming there are indoor exercises you'll be able to do and thereby avoid the snow and ice. Keep on blogging -- you Swan are one of the most inspiring bloggers in the community. I can see you in your mini-kilt in a beautiful misty landscape...chin up we're all behind you, xox delia

  • Ha! I'm going to be donning my new mini-kilt on Tuesday and getting a couple of hours exercise dancing like an eedjit at a Runrig gig in Aberdeen!

  • PS I don't always go around flashing my legs, sometimes I dress as a Lady ;-)


  • Wow! How elegant :-)

  • Sorry to hear Swanscott. I've been out of action too for 4 weeks on Wednesday. I tore a ligament in my left knee whilst avoiding a dog rushing at me. I haven't even tried to run. R.I.C.E. for me. Due to compensating my right hip and lower back were taking the brunt, so a visit to the osteopath to sort me out. Fortunately i had been doing my exercises-which has prevented more damage-and he showed me a couple more to do. No running for me until I'm entirely healed. I'm wearing a Sport knee support to help with posture too.

    I do hope that you get better soon, but we have to be patient.

    Colette xx

  • Oh no, you out of action too? We're all dropping like flies! :-) But I'm sure we'll all soon be back out there running like crazy! ;-)

  • Yes-weird isn't it? At least we graduated before the injuries took hold of us all.

    Yep-be running again soon :-)

  • What a shame Swanscot, I can only imagine how frustrating that must be for you. At least you are still able to get out in the fresh air on your bike, which is great.

    Remain patient and I'm sure you'll have a speedy recovery! Be sure to keep us updated on your progress, you have always been such a source of support and inspiration to me on my own journey! :)

  • Sorry to hear about this, Swanscot - but sounds like you have a great therapist and it's really heartening to hear that you're continuing with other exercises which will help with the running when you get the all clear to start again. Here's to a speedy recovery.

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