Damn, blast and fiddlesticks! Woke up far too early to skip out the door this morning only to discover my groin strain is STILL nagging me. I almost thought "Sod this. I'm going out no matter what!", but decided that doing EXTRA damage might render me useless for weeks. So with a deeply annoyed furrowed brow, I am hoping it goes away like it did last time......quickly!

That said, new job starts today. "Strictly Come Dancing" is being filmed at the studio where I'm working so I'm on BRUCEY watch. Aint seen him yet though. I wonder if I could get groin advice from professional dancer Ola Jordan? SORRY! Let's stop right there.....

A bientot.



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13 Replies

  • Mmmmm... I was wondering what was causing the groin strain. Take it easy. My post park run niggles seemed to be sorting themselves until yesterday, while on a 6 mile WALK (how embarrassing) a muscle in my upper thigh decided to object to any movement at all. Hobbled home and pain killers kept it bearable.

    Looks like we're both out of the running for a while. Did you mention age in another post, Dan?

  • Sorry to hear your news - specially with your great time. Mind you very dedicated going for a 6 mile walk on your rest day!!

    Get better soon

  • Oh sorry to read both your posts. Normally I would have suggested foam rollering but in both your cases - - - - - - - perhaps not!!! Hope all settles down soon. Good luck with the new job Dan.

  • Sorry to hear about your injuries and hope you guys are up and running soon

  • Sounds very ouchey. Take care.

  • Now... Have you had it properly assessed?? ... You could be doing damage ( I'm a nurse..). Just think you need to get it checked properly. Take care

  • JuJu thanks for your post. The answer is no, I haven't had it assessed. You are right of course , I should get it looked at..... BUT! I've just started a new film (I'm an editor) and won't have a minute off for at least 5 weeks to see a doc. In the meantime I'm gonna rest up and take ibuprofen and hope for the best. Xx

  • Naughty boy... .. Well, There's always a walk in centre if you get desperate... Id defiantly give Ola a shot I bet she's had a few in her time.... Main thing is to rest up and then get out there running again..oh and happy filming.

  • I hope you get better soon. I have been recovering from my sore ankle for a week and will be running a gentle 5km this evening.

  • Hi Aftabs, is your sore ankle the result of your epic Park run the other week?

  • Correct, it is the result of my 24:28 5km. I probably could have went for a run a few days ago but have been busy and thought a few more days rest will do me no harm.

    Next time I will forego the PB and slow down. Not running for a week has been a pain!

  • Your last line echoes my thoughts exactly.

    Macho one minute... hobbling the next.

    Hope you get running soon.

  • I went for a run his evening. I have just blogged about it.

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