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Out of action


Having developed a sore knee during the final run of week 2 last Thursday, I went to see the Doctor this morning as it has been sore all weekend, with no sign of improvement at all.

She told me that I've most likely got small tears to the muscles and ligaments around my knee, and will be out of action for a couple of weeks or so. Have to keep icing it and take regular doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol. Also been advised to stay clear of knee supports.

A month ago I would never have imagined myself saying this but - I'm gutted that I can't run for a couple of weeks! :(

Was due to start week 3 yesterday, but no way could I contemplate it. At times I can barely walk, often I can't even sit in a position that doesn't cause pain.

Anybody fancy joining me in glum corner?

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I have been there too! Mine started to go in week 2 and then finally went in week 3 when I twisted my leg in a rutted farm track.

It sounds like I had exactly the same problems and it knocked me right off course for weeks as I was too impatient to let it heal properly, so kept starting again too early. Be patient and take it easy when you get back into it would be my advice.

Interesting about the knee supports, as that was the only thing that seemed to ease my pain (without painkillers), but I found the knee support so uncomfortable to wear that I had to abandon it anyway.

What did they say were the reasons not to use knee support out of interest?


She said that ultimately the knee support would weaken the muscles. I suppose because it takes over some of the job they're supposed to be doing, and muscles being lazy things decide not to bother as much.

I did actually buy a knee support on Friday, but like you have found it uncomfortable to wear, and it didn't really seem to help anyway.


I did wonder if that was what it might be.

Hope you have a speedy recovery! :)


Yep, those are the reasons I read about.


Oh poor you. I hope it doesn't take too long before you recover and can get running again.

Its good to have that info about the knee supports too as I would probably have headed straight out to buy one if my knee felt bad. I suppose in the long term its just best left to fully heal itself.

Good advice from Maysie too who has been there himself.

Good luck with it.


What rotten luck. C25K will still be here when your knee is behaving again, so, as others have said, don't rush it. Don't abandon though, it is such a great feeling as you tick the weeks off. Hope the knee recovers soon Peter-B.


Oh no! I'm currently having issues with my knee and went to see a sports therapist last week. Had a good check over and a massage and managed to complete a 10k run yesterday without too much trouble. I've read about knee supports and the reasons not to use them, especially long term. Hope you recover quickly and you get back out running. Good luck :)


Thanks for the support.

I'm not going to rush back to action, but I am already planning my comeback.

I think for the first run I might go back and do a week 1, just to see how it goes and how I cope in terms of fitness and the knee. If that goes ok then I'll probably move back and do a couple of week 2's before continuing on with week 3 and beyond.

If it doesn't go well, I'll either take more time to rest (if it's the knee giving me trouble) or, if I've lost the modicum of fitness I've built up, carry on doing week 1 - essentially starting from scratch.

I may also look at finding another route, I've been running around a triangle of 2 roads and a bridleway. One of the corners of the triangle is quite a sharp turn to the right (about 120 degrees) and I'm wondering if it's that turn which has caused my knee trouble. A couple of times the timing of the runs and walks meant that I was running whilst turning that corner. I do try to make that turn as wide as possible, but after the turn the road goes downhill which I don't think helps matters.

At the minute it feels like a return to running is a good way off. Just popped into Sainsburys to pick up some more painkillers and walking (well shuffling/limping) through the store had me feeling a bit out of sorts with the pain from my knee. Could have really done with a sit down.


Awww, that sucks, Peter. I'm sorry to hear about your knee pains.

I hope the rest helps and that you'll be back at the running in a few weeks time. As others have said: Be patient. The roads and bridleways will still be here in September :)


Bad luck Peter. You have my sympathies. Just wait it out on the Injury Couch until your knees are completely pain free before you run again. I posted some quad strengthening exercises last week that my physio gave me for knee pain. Perhaps you could give them a go, whilst you recover. Cycling or static bike work at the gym will also help work your quads and should help you retain your fitness ready to resume your running. Good luck


Oh no!! Peter, hope you will be back on it soon... Keep positive


So sorry to read about your injury, I am on the couch as well having thought I was invincible! Ice is good and rest . I would also recommend physiotherapy asap as well , unfortunately NHS lists are so long private treatment is probably the only answer.if you can manage. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.


There seems to be no let up in the pain, still as sore today as it was at the weekend.

Probably doesn't help that I can't really rest it completely - still have to go to work, although have a desk job so at least not on my feet all day. We've also got almost 10 month old twin boys at home, so I have to help see to them.

I've booked an appointment with a physio for Thursday evening. Chap I spoke to on the phone seemed nice enough. Hopefully they'll be able to help me.


Good luck Peter, I'm in glum corner too with back trouble, but we will get out again soon! Keep coming on here for inspiration and support :)


Knee pain is awful isn't it? I know how hard it is to be on the injury couch when you have just started,I got shin splints after week 2 and wondered if I would have the impetus and courage (the pain was dreadful!) to start again.. only the cost of my running shoes got me out there again! Keep popping in, you'll keep your enthusiasm up here, and all us poor inhabitants of the injury couch can commiserate together. I'm there too, I have an ongoing back problem that causes me mega pain a couple of times a year, no running for me for a while.


It's terrible! The worst thing is it just doesn't seem to be getting any better. When the painkillers wear off it hurts as much today as it did last week.

The rest and painkiller advice I got from the doctor was all that I expected to be honest.

I am looking forward to the physio appointment tomorrow. I plan to go fully equipped with my runners and various insoles etc (standard, sweatshop custom and cushioned ones I've not had chance to try yet) and make sure I get as much out of the session as I can for my £40.

Fingers crossed he can work some magic and get me back on track.

I'll put the kettle on for those of us on the injury list!


Bah - sorry to hear that Peter... but I think it's good advice to rest up until it's 100% and hopefully with your physio appointment you'll get some more advice/answers. We're all new to this running thing and it does put tremendous stresses on our bodies that aren't used to it but in the main we do eventually respond and get stronger... but not if we run while we shouldn't... :)

Hope you feel better soon. I run with a knee strap and I have debated many times whether or not to take it off but the one time I did I had a dodgy knee a few hours later... so, not just yet, but soon... :)

Good luck and let us know what the physio says... if you can still swim or cycle while waiting to run again that should keep the cardio fitness up (but don't worry, it takes more than a few weeks to lose any appreciable fitness levels)....

Best wishes... I know it sucks to be stuck on that couch... the biscuits are nice though... :)


Thanks aussie.

I couldn't even contemplate trying to run at the minute, I have a hard enough time walking (well hobbling). Cycling would be a no-no as well (even if my bike was road worthy and not buried under stuff in the garage).

I'd be doubtful about swimming due to the lack of movement I've got. There are also issues there related to my being on the large side and being stuck with being a tad hairy.

Fortunately being new to this running lark, I've not got a massive amount of fitness to lose. So it wouldn't be a massive setback to have to go back a week or start again.

To start with I'd settle for being able to get up and down stairs without looking like I've come out and left my walking frame at home.


Ah - the "I ran today, why can't I walk the stairs in the evening" knees? Been there - not pleasant at all mate... take care of yourself... I am glad you're going to the physio - they should have some more practical advice for you...

If it makes you feel any better, it's not just you... :)


The "I ran today, why can't I walk the stairs in the evening" knees I could cope with, that would be a "good" type of soreness.

It's the "I ran last week, why can't I walk the stairs today" knee that I don't like :(


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