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Out of action 😪😪

Out of action 😪😪

Hi everyone,

So 3 weeks ago I was rushing to get ready for work, and stepped from the last step of my stair case and SNAP! My leg went one way and ankle the other ( broken tibia & fibula ). 90 minutes & a lot of morphine later I was at the A&E.

I have a long road ahead of me but I'm staying positive and hopeful. Also want to say had I not been a c25k graduate, fit ( relative ) as I am now - I don't think I would be coping as well. I was up on crutches within 12 hours if the op.

Thank c25k for helping me get fitter and I look forward to reading about all your accomplishements as I am nursed back to full health to be able to,one day - run again.

Be careful out there folks - take your time and have a run for me💃💃☺️



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Oh that must have been painful. Take a well earned rest, and wishing you a speedy recovery.


Big big Ouchy!! Take care of yourself & hope you get some pampering!


Oh no! That sounds painful. Your positive attitude will get you through plus all your running mates here.


Oh no, how sorry.. xx


Thats horrid and I really wish you lots of luck on the road back. Remember, every little step of your rehab will still be a step nearer to you running again. Take care and post here for that support when you need it.



You guys are the best! I have spent so many hours not only recommending the C25k but this forum too. I have had so much support - it's very heart warming.

I also started playing netball ( Go Mammoth ) and am spreading the word about you all. On the plus side tge extension ( proposed ) will now include a gym at the bottom of my garden.

Thank you all lovely lovely people



Oh how horrendous! Home is the most dangerous place. Please take care and I'm sure your fitness will help you heal quickly.


I could feel my leg screaming while reading this!!! So sorry, hope the road to recovery will be smooth. x


Oh my goodness Jackie, you poor thing. Stay strong, you will get through this.

When I broke my ankle in February I couldn't imagine when I'd be running again. The hospital told me to expect it to hurt for at least a year and I was signed off work for 8 weeks.

My advice to you is patience for the first 6weeks at least. Accept all the help you're offered and don't try to do too much too soon. What you can do, and what I really really wish I'd done, is to investigate ways of maintaining your aerobic fitness. There must be fitness regimes for people in wheelchairs. Upper body workouts etc that allow you to preserve that precious aerobic fitness. When I eventually restarted the programme at w1, my legs remembered how to run (if you know what I mean) but my fitness was shot, much worse even than before I started running. So when you feel ready, that might be something to investigate.

My other piece of advice, is to visit this forum regularly. It kept me in touch with running and ensured that there was never a time when I thought I might not run again. It reinforced my identity as a runner, if you know what I mean.

Don't put off finding a good physio to help you through your recovery, mine was invaluable. Sending you big hugs and loads of good wishes for a speedy recovery. Don't forget to post your progress (and your frustrations) over the coming weeks and months. Xxx

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Thanks so very very much for the advice 😊 I have some marvellous neighbours who came and cleaned my house on day 1 & 2 so I didn't drive myself crazy. I run the Hoover around now sitting in the wheel chair and I regularly go upstairs and down on my bottom but using arms and chest muscles. I make sure to balance in the good leg ( running & net a sure built the strength ) and when I certainly start looking at upper body aerobics etc to see what I can do.

Thank you thank you


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Bless you 😕, so sorry you are out of action. Will be great for u to keep sharing your thoughts and ideas to encourage us all though. Get well and rest. Julie


Holy Crap !!! That must have been horrendously painful !

I remember when I fell down the 2 bottom steps in my house and my ankle completely flipped over and I felt physically sick , it was awful.

You have a really good degree of fitness and strength so you should make a complete recovery , but I bet you are going absolutely stir crazy , it must be so debilitating for you.

All the very best to you, your positive attitude and determination will stand you in good stead .

Good Luck ! :-) xxx


You guys are all so amazing! I'm actually welling up with the warmth and support. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

And I will of course keep updating.

I will try and figure out how to post pics of my X- Ray with out starting a new thread - if anyone knows how- please let me know.

So timelines so far:-

21st sept - broke it at 7.20am

22nd Sep - operation at 2pm

23rd Sep - up on crutches by 11am

25th Sep - came home. RBH ( bit disappointed ) my husband was told she all yours and we hand to hunt down a wheelchair ourselves otherwise I would never have made the trek from ward to carpak.

Daily injections into tummy for DVT - 35 days

I came off the morphin on the 3rd ( self discipline )

I had to watch to watch the Rugby match on telly whilst hubby and all went ( I did tell him he had to go)

1st check & X Ray 8th October whereby the consultant ( who is bloomin ace ) laughed when I asked if I could go back to work - has now put me in the air- cast. 4 weeks more of non weight- bearing. Plus side i now look like an extra as a storm trooper for Star Wars - rock on Halloween!!

Paramedic, Emenrgency ambulance and RBH A&E are all amazing amazing staff


Ps my 2 dogs haven't left my side since they saw me carried out in distress and bawling my eyes out. They sleep with me, sit under my shower stool and wait top & bottom of the stairs. Broke my heart


Pps - my husband now truly understand all the work the magic fairy has been doing all these years to make the house function smoothly 😉 I think he's missing her lol lol


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Ho hum, magic fairy to Imperial Stormtrooper...

Get well soon but not too soon!


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