Out of action yet again duh!!!!!!

Out of action yet again duh!!!!!!

Well I'm out of action yet again :( so don't do what I do, do the sensible thing. For about 10 weeks I have ignored a painful left heel. Kept on running and treated it myself feeling sure it was the Plantar muscle. It settled down and was bearable for a few weeks then it flared again, worse this time. Asked the doc what he thought and he said it was Achilles and just to work through the pain, I could keep on running but not to overdo things.

A week ago after an 8K run/walk through forest tracks and trails it flared big time, heel pain, swollen arch and now a pulling sensation up my calf. Sports Physio here I come, outcome is very bad Plantar Fasciitis, everything has seized and is tight. Loads of massage which was very painful, loads of stretch exercises to do and two more appointments next week. Worse still, NO RUNNING for a while :( So I'm out of action yet again, who knows I could be the first ever runner to have to work through C25K not once, not twice, not even thrice but four blooming times!!!!! So when the sun comes out instead of running I will be throwing this darn lazy lump out of my hammock and armed with my Kindle and a glass of something nice will be thinking of you all with envy. Happy running guys and girls, this Oldgirl is down but hopefully not out for too long. :) One last thing, don't ignore pain, if it doesn't get better within a week get it checked out.

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  • That sounds awful, hope you will feel better soon - on a side note it's interesting that your original hunch was right, just shows you're in tune with your body. Take care and enjoy your lovely garden view from the hammock. :-)

  • Oh dear me Oldgirl,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you too are out of the loop. My GP told me NOT to work through the pain or the tendon may break and that would mean surgery. We will just have to put our feet up for a while. I have got my bike indoors on a stand and I am doing Fast Exercise HIT routines on it. Yes, the same guy of fast diet fame (Dr. Michael Moseley)

    It doesn't cause any increase in the pain of the tendon so I shall persevere with that for now.

    I hope you heal up soon. You can get the Michael Moseley book on Kindle (about £3) It may be worth a look for you.

    Do keep your pecker up! We just have to listen when the doc laughs and says 'You're no longer 21 and it will take you longer to heal'. I AM 21 - in my head!

    Sending you positive, healing vibes! Let us know how you are doing too.

  • Thanks Beek, had to laugh at your 21 in your head as I've just done a silly test on FB it had me as 16!!!!!

  • Sorry to hear the news Oldgirl, enjoy the hammock, kindle and glass of something. Can you take part in some of the other lovely classes you told us about before??

  • No high impact but the new pool opens tomorrow so will be able to get swimming as well, walking too. Sadly think my badminton will have to stop but I am hoping that it won't be for too long, will be guided by the Physio. Will be able to do the Evergreens classes which I had moved on from as found them a bit tame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life's a bu66er sometimes ;)

  • Oh dear oldgirl I feel for you , there's one thing you don't give in I'm redoing c25k 2nd time but four ! I take my hat of to you , I really do . Wishing you all the best & hope your not waiting too long . Take care .

  • Sorry to hear you are out of action again. It's wise advice you have given us - get things checked out sooner rather than later. Don't know what your weather is like - it's like late spring/early summer where I am - but it's all supposed to be getting better overall so have a lovely time with your kindle and rest until you are fit to run again. I hope it is sorted soon. Very best wishes.

  • Sorry to hear you're injured Old Girl. Darn it!!!!! Hopefully with rest and TLC you will be back in your running shoes very quickly. Fingers crossed for you

  • Feel your frustration You look after yourself now

  • That's rotten for you - hope the sun comes out soon!

  • Oh dear - so sorry to hear that Oldgirl. What with Rockette and Beek also on the bench the team is falling apart! Down but not out eh ladies!

  • I am sorry to hear this Oldgirl. It must be so frustrating for you. Maybe it will get better quicker than you are expecting once you take some decent rest.

  • Hi

    thats not good. I dont know if it will help but someone in the group referred me to Chi running. You should have a read up on it as it teaches you how to run with less stress on the joints and muscles. I didnt buy into it but have read enough to get the gist of it and it certainly makes a difference

    get well soon

  • Aww poor you, life is indeed a bu66er sometimes... but you are a determined woman oldgirl and you be back out running when your foot heals. Whether you need to start the c25k again from the beginning or not, you will get there. In the meantime, have a walk, a swim, go to the evergreen classes (what do you do there I wonder) and get swinging and swigging in that hammock when the sun comes out. Sending my best x

  • Thanks lizziebeth57, like your name, my nick name as a child and still by some of my family was Lizbet, no guesses what my real name is ;)

    Evergreens classes are low impact exercise class designed for people over 60 and also used for rehab after hip replacement/stroke etc. They are held in the main gym hall every Monday & Friday with over 100 active men & women attending. Its an amazing hour especially when you know that some of the group are in their 80's. Being quite active (usually) I use this class as a warm up but can't bring myself to stop it, its so much fun :)

  • We do share the same name. No-one actually calls me lizziebeth but it's a combination of the two most common derivatives I get. I have been called, Ella, Eldie (my dad's names for me), Elizabeth (my mum and rest of the family when I was growing up). Lizzie, my husband, niece and nephew then, interestingly, my mum called me Lizzie too in the last few years of her life! Isbis (my uncle Hector's name for me) Beth was 'given' to me when I started nursing up in Aberdeen and there were 2 other Elizabeth's in my set. That stuck and when I came to edinburgh I made a feeble attempt to go back to Elizabeth but it (the name Beth) followed me down. Only one person ever calls me Liz (and she was one of my pal's when we were young). Phew...who would have thought there would be some many versions of the one name - given to the one person. Not sure what to make of it when I think about it, but I know who I am!!!

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