Out of action...still!!

Out of action...still!!

About a month ago, I pulled a muscle in my calf, for the fourth time. Just as that was healing, I caught a cold, which effected my asthma very badly and since Christmas I have been struggling to breathe properly. The result is, I haven't run for around four weeks. As I was only on week 5, I'm thinking I'll have to go back to week 3 when I restart (hopefully next weekend).

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you my current preferred footwear (as my trainers are out of action). Drawing always makes me feel better.

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  • Wish I could draw like that. Hope you are back on track soon.

  • Great drawing and they look like very funky (did I say that?) boots!

    Sorry to hear that you've been poorly and I commiserate - I haven't run for over 4 weeks due to illness. BUT, it's a new year and the illness can't last forever, can it? Good luck for next weekend, take it easy and build up again. I bet you'll find that you'll be back at Week 5 in double-quick time. And the more and longer you run, the less the asthma will be effected in the future.

  • To help the asthma is one of the reasons I'm doing this, so I really home it works :-)

  • Nice boots! Sorry to hear you are still out of action, it must be really frustrating for you. Hope you can get back to it next weekend :)

  • Great drawing, hope you are back running soon. Good luck :-)

  • Welcome back earl-grey! Great drawing :-)

    Good luck with the runs -- if I were you I'd go back to week 3 -- what's the rush? A very happy New Year, Delia

  • Sorry to hear you've been out of action, I missed about three runs due to a bad back recently and found it really frustrating and I wouldn't mind but it didn't incapacitate me otherwise in the way your illness has you so it must be twice as bad. Good luck next week.

    Oh and great drawing.

  • Your drawings are great. I share your frustration, last time I ran was 9 Dec! That was a 10k race. I then chose not to run for a few days (how I regret that now) then went down with a v persistent lurgy. Thurs I thought I was on the mend and even nearly went back to horse riding lesson but Fri woke up in agony with severe pain in side/back - poss related to coughing so much? SO NAFFED OFF :-( Get well soon x

  • Rwy'n teimlo am chi. Cymerwch ofal. :-)

  • Thanks all for the empathies and the compliments. Drawing is good for the soul. As Einstein once said "Creativity is intelligence having fun."

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