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First Post Graduate Run and Out of Action :-(

Well I did my first post graduate run yesterday of 33 and a half minutes and for the first time I can honestly say I loved running, even while I was doing it!

But have had a bit of pain in my heels since slipping on some slate at Christmas and landing badly. Anyway, looked up the type of pain and stuff and I reckon it's a bit of Achilles trouble.

So I'm applying ice and will have to go back to using the elliptical trainer in my house until my heels are better. Also found some strengthening exercises and lengthening exercises for my calves.

Will be going to get gait analysis done when everything is repaired, just in case it's my trainers or running technique that's caused the problem.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Happy running :-) I'm cheering you on from the injury couch!

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well done on the post grad run :D sorry to hear you have an injury :( hope it improves quickly for you


Oh no, seems like achilles trouble is the ailment of the day around here - that's 3 of us now. You could try some physio tape too. I tried taping mine before I went out on it yesterday and it certainly wasn't any worse for it at the end of the run. Lots of RICE and ibuprofen has helped too.


I've been RICEing but not even thought about strap or taping. Will have to have a wee google of that.

Unfortunately I'm allergic to ibuprofen, but I'll go into town and see about a voltarol cream which should do the same job :-)

Hopefully we all recover quickly and can get back to it- typical it happens just after I'd put my running plans in the calendar!

Hope your heels get better quickly :-)


Good plan! Apparently you can get super strength Voltarol that lasts 12 hours but you have to ask for it as its one of the behind the counter items.

Mine is much better today so hoping it will be good to go again on Monday. At least I've still got my GP appointment on Tuesday if it goes again but I'm hoping I'll just be badgering her for another bone density scan as I'm due one this year.

Must have modified my running posture yesterday as my thighs are definitely feeling like they did some work today!


Well done on the post grad run, hope the injury heals soon. I bought a foam roller and it seems to be working for me, it released the tension in the calf muscles, whether it will do the same for achilies I don't know but may be worth a try. Keep smiling and hopefully you will be back soon!


Thank you :-) I watched a video which said that tight calf muscles may be the initial thing that causes heel pain, but don't know much about foam rollers. I'll definitely have a look though :-) thanks for the tip


Well done on the run but what a bu**er about your heels. Still, you're doing the right thing and I'm sure you'll be back running in no time.

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