Aaaawwwwww hip pain AGAIN!!

Aaaawwww this is such bad timing getting a painful hip again. I'm off to beautiful Glen Affric on Sunday to meet up with my eldest son, DIL and 3 young granchildren and their collie dog hopefully to walk in the wonderful forest glens up and down steep hills/munros, along beside clear running rivers and dip my tired feet in icy cold loch waters.

I've bought Arnica Oil, popping Ibuprofen and worst of all not had a run since Tuesday, should have been out this morning but decided not to tempt it.

If anyone out there has a better idea on cure I'm ready to try it. I'm pretty sure its a trapped nerve deep in the hip joint, it so far has not got worse and the pain is not radiating down the leg but I'm not looking forward to the drive which will take me about 31/2 hours, will have to stop and have a walk at Inverness and stretch my poor old joints.

Good luck to anyone doing Parkrun this Saturday I had intended going but think I need to be sensible and not run. :(


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10 Replies

  • Poor you. if it's a trapped nerve, it needs heat rather than cold. Try swaddling the area with a heated woollen rag or else place a hot water bottle on the area. Of course there are also "patches" that heat up on contact. Worth a try?

  • Yes its actually been a little easier since I sprayed Deep Heat over the area, I've also worn some old running leggings under my jeans today to keep it really warm. Was going to get hubby to apply pressure and pull my leg later on, it has worked in the past, sounds a bit barbaric but its one way of releasing a trapped nerve if you can stand the pulling. Tried to get an appointment with chiropractor this morning, his first free one is 3 weeks off!!

  • sounds like my physiotherapist, cast came off last Friday, FIRST appointment NEXT Friday :-) Anyway, I was going to suggest Deep Heat, great stuff. And yes, pulling is also a good idea.

    Btw can't even get my wedding ring on my hand hahaha, which is really funny as I have really slim arms and hands (normally!) I now have a twig where the plaster was and a gigantically swollen hand, like a cartoon character xox delia

  • Ooohh Delia thats not good, I hope your hand settles down soon, you won't have the same feeling in your fingers while its swollenn like that. Take care don't over do things too soon.

  • How frustrating for you! Hope it gets better soon!

  • So sorry to hear it has returned after your niggles recently. Take care and I have my fingers well and truly crossed that it goes shortly.

  • I thought my hip pain might be a trapped nerve, especially when it started sending shooting pains through my knee and even my ankle. I ignored it for a while but noticed it seemed to be impact rather than movement that aggravated it and was eventually diagnosed as bursitis - don't know if that sounds like the pain you have ? I've been doing exercises to strengthen the muscles around the hip, had to rest for a while and then build up distance more gradually.

    I went to a Sports Physiotherapist for advice (£30 for 30min consultation) and it was worth every penny - I put it off for ages 'cos it sounded like a lot of money. It might be worth considering though.

  • May have to try Sports Physio when I get back if its not better. If I manage to do the walking next week will see how things go from there. I'm off to Cape Verde Islands November and need to be sorted by then. Its the place I was on holiday when I ended up crippled with Sciatica and came home through 3 airports in a wheelchair, yikes don't want a repeat performance of that my hubby won't go away again!!

  • Very sorry to hear that Oldgirl, I really hope it gets better and doesn't get in the way of all your plans for fun. I love the idea of the Cape Verde islands, lots of lovely music there. You need to be able to dance - sending you healing thoughts.

  • Really sorry to hear that. I would definitely see a sports specialist. I have a sports osteopath, but who you go to is a matter of personal preference. I find physio really good for rehab after operations, but not aggressive enough for the trapped nerve or injur type of thing. I wouldn't go to a chiropracter personally, because I feel happier to have the deep tissue massage (not painful) before the manipulation, but as I said, whatever you feel comfortable with.

    One thing I would suggest though, perhaps worth seeing if you have someone who teaches yin yoga - you can really open out the pelvis. Assuming you haven't practiced it before, It is supported yoga and you hold the poses for longer (mostly on the floor with a bolster) and breathe into the position. Its incredibly restorative and I've found it very useful for opening out all my joints, it's wonderful. A good teacher will be able to work within the movement you have.

    Fingers crossed you are fine for the weekend and for your holiday!

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