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Hip Pain

Hi experienced runners

I'm a C25K graduate finishing week 9 6 weeks ago. Since then I have tried to run 3 or 4 times a week. 5min warmup brist walk - 30min run - 5 min warmdown. One of these weekly runs has been a park run for the last 6 Saturday mornings, 3 PBs, times normally between 39 and 40 mins. I am approaching 60 year old, 6ft 2in weighing around 250lbs (18st).

Last week my right hip started to hurt, at rest and when trying to run. This has hampered this weeks training. It is a dull ache which is hard to pin point and at its worst extends down the outside of thigh and up rear of buttock to lower back.

If I rest for long I am not sure I am motivated enough to start running again.

Any advice welcomed..

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I've had this and there are lots of possible reasons for it. Firstly, do you stretch and use a foam roller? These two simple things do wonders to get rid of many aches as sometimes the pain is coming from tight muscles. Sit on a tennis ball until you find the tight spot and use it against a wall getting into all the tight areas around your hip and I bet that'll make a difference.

Secondly, it could be weak glutes. Apparently most runners don't use their glutes when running and that's where our niggles and injuries come from. So do some exercises to strengthen them. My physio gave me these to do and it sorted my symptoms in a week! Do clams until you can't do any more and then while still lying on your side, straighten your legs and lift your top leg and down again. Do these until you can't do any more. Then do your squats (single leg if you can) lunges, etc.

Check your weekly mileage too and make sure you're not doing too much too soon. No more than a 10% total increase from week to week.

Finally, if your wallet and grit can take it, a sports massage is a great way to get rid of those stubborn tight spots. It will hurt like hell but afterwards you'll feel like a new runner!


Thank you Iprincess for this advice. I will try this out. I probably don't stretch enough at the start nor finish of a run.

I don't have a foam roller, looked it up to see what it was, so will have to look at getting one.

Should I still try and run slowly? Not that I run fast anyway.


IP has said it all really, so the only thing I can add is that 3 PBs in such a short time sounds like you're running hard all the time. Try to do some (the majority!) of your runs at a gentle relaxed pace - you'll still cover the miles, but your muscles will thank you for it by recovering quicker and growing stronger.


Thank you Tomas.

I will take IP advice. I didn't think I was running that hard, 5K in 40min, but I admit it does take it out of me.


Great info given, IP said it all.

Gentle stretching of the groin area? I had a bit of aching around there when I started the plan, getting into stretching takes it off.


Thank you for your support


I suddenly developed some pain in one hip, that started on a long run. Was Ok-ish on shorter runs, but resurfaced on long runs (10k) each week.

So added the "hip hike" and the "lunge stretch" to my post run stretches. Details in link below.

That's been a few weeks or so of doing them, and the pain hasn't come back on the long runs. Maybe the stretches fixed it or it's coincidence !


I had terrible hip pain earlier this year, I put up with it for a while on and off and then in the end I went to see a physio and was diagnosed with hip bursitis. It was caused through over use whilst I was training for a 10k race.

I was given the exercises to do as above and told to not run for a couple of weeks to start with just to rest it .

Dont despair, it can be overcome :-) xxx


Squats, clams and a short rest from running will do wonders. Running off road stopped mine coming back :)


Thank you all. It would seem I need to concentrate on doing stretch exercise. I have to admit I haven't been doing anything like suggested by you all. I will start and see how it goes.


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