Hip pain solved!

So, the last few weeks I've really struggled to run because I've been getting really bad pain in my right hip after every run. I was honest with myself and recognised I should probably be stretching better before a run, but when you're up at 5:30am you just want to get pounding the pavements as quickly as possible. Anyway, I started stretching fully before and after runs, but it didn't seem to be helping. Then, my last run (Friday last week), left me pretty much unable to walk until Monday. Gait analysis suggests my running shoes are OK, running stance is OK, no pronation. So, I couldn't figure out what was causing the hip pain.

The member of staff doing the gait analysis asked me if I always do the same route, which I do. He suggested doing the route backwards and said it could be due to the camber of the pavement. Did as suggested this morning and my hip does not hurt at all! Problem solved!


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13 Replies

  • Glad it helped - that's worth knowing, thanks for sharing. It tickles me when people talk about doing routes backwards as I always imagine them running backwards, nice to start the day on a giggle.

  • Definitely wouldn't be able to do it by running backwards. I'm so clumsy :P But, very interesting to see the massive difference. No pain whatsoever, so I may alternate and do 2 runs each way and see if that keeps the pain away :)

  • Lets hope so...

  • Oldfloss is our expert on running backwards!

    I've heard of this before - glad there is such a simple solution!

  • Hi Natalie, yes, having this pointed out to me early on solved my shin splints problem too!

  • So surprising! Just really glad I know now.

  • Having had similar hip pain I thought it might be something to do with pavement camber and toyed with doing my route in reverse having read it worked for you might try it myself on the next run

  • I regularly cross the road to run on the other side of the road ( where I can safely) because of the camber problem.

  • I'm glad you sorted out the problem but you shouldn't be stretching before a run as it strains cold muscles and makes you more at risk of injury. Warm up by walking briskly and doing dynamic stretching (movements that mimic running). Leg swings, lunges, skipping, "spotty dogs" etc.

  • Sorry, that is what I meant I'm doing. Wasn't doing that before :)

  • I had too pain too. Lots of rest days sorted it and I too found out it could be caused by camber on path/road. So I have been running in both sides of road too. Like you this seems to have fixed it. Glad you are better too☺

  • Wow, something so simple that can cause such a problem. Good to be aware! Thanks. Fabulous that it has righted itself so quickly too. Happy running :)

  • There you go! Problem solved - just like that amazing!! Always learning from this forum💡

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