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Hip Pain anyone???

Just back from a Sunday long run (15k) and had a fair bit of hip pain just in one side which started at about 7-8k. I've had this before on a long run (both hips then) and it only hurts whilst running. It was frustrating today as my breathing and my legs were good, and this was the only thing that caused me problems.

I found that if I stopped for a few minutes and stretched and generally slapped and rubbed my hip I was able to carry on for a bit further before I repeated the process.

No reals problems now (post run) but I dosed up on ibuprofen just in case.

I'm going to have a word with a friend who's a Physio tomorrow and get her opinion.

Has anyone else had similar problems???

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Hi Andy, first of all , Well done on your 15k - Fab !

Yes I have suffered from really bad hip pain. It started in my right hip and took me about 3 months on and off for it to go completely. In the meantime, whilst my right hip improved I got the pain in my left one.

I had to go see a physio in the end , it was just too painful for me to run with it and I was diagnosed with hip bursitis and given exercises to do. Mine was caused by overuse as I was following a training plan and it upped my running to 4 times a week which I now know is too much for me.

I would definitely take a few days off and see how it is. It might be just a strain and will recover with rest , I would play it by ear and see how it feels after some rest .

Hope it feels better soon :-) xxx


Thanks Poppy, I've got a sneaky idea that it's probably due to upping my distances on a more regular basis. I'll see what physio has to say. Hopefully this will go away as I train more.. Carefully of course!

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Ah yes, could well be . Just one of those things I think Andy, but it can be overcome. I have no pain at all in my hips now .

Take it easy, I know you will xxx


Funny you should say Andy but yes today after I had a long run yesterday. I'm increasing my distance and I think my hips are protesting! Hips felt great during the run but I could hardly sleep last night as they felt a bit "achey" and today I can still feel them. A session with the foam roller usually helps and I'm guessing it's to do with the longer distances. Mine ache at the side of the hips. Is that where you hurt too?


Funny... but difficult to say exactly where it hurts... but felt like the joint or the area around it rather than muscular... But all fine now apart from general post run legs!!


Hey Andy, I was literally going to post about the same problem :( Hip pain that starts a couple of miles into the run, currently been having it for the past week. Took a few days off and it didn't improve. Spoke to a sports medicine consultant, who advised me it can be three thing: bursitis, a tight IT band, or a stress fracture. He said it's unlikely to be bursitis if its not tender to press on. so you can test that out for yourself. to take another week off and try again on a treadmill (horror), if not, then get referred for and MRI scan. He however is slightly biased as he thinks running is a 'nasty' sport that will wreck all joints so Im slightly skeptical of anything he says. But I don't think its a fracture, If its that bad it tends to stop you completely. In summary my current understanding is that it is a tight it band thats causing hip rather than knee pain. Especially that it starts a few miles in which is very characteristic. And from what I read, rest doesn't do a great deal without strength training to get the hips stronger. Im subscribed to a couple of strength training programmes, and Jason Fitzgerald has the best routine Ive seen. Here is a link

I can't say it has worked as I have not really been doing it enough yet, but thought id suggest it anyway. I intend to listen to the doc, taking the week off and just doing the exercises and seeing where that takes me. Unfortunately, this has meant that I have missed my last long run today before a half marathon I was training for on october 18th. I know have no confidence for the half marathon :(

Sorry for the very long post. I really wish you a speedy recovery.


Thanks for your interesting reply. I don't think it's anything too serious as I can't feel anything now if I poke or prod it! I also did 9k on Friday and didn't get it then. I have started some regular strength / core training so hopefully that will help, but I will certainly look at your link.

I have a shorter run on Tues planned so I'll see how that goes. Thanks and I hope you get your issue sorted soon.


Oooh thanks for posting that link Melly :-)

Hope your injury woes are soon behind you and good luck for your HM xxx


Hey and d

If the pain is unilateral- just check its nothing simple like a small limb length discrepancy. Just a thought



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