Hip pain :(

Hello all. I've had a pain in my hip which seems to come on worse when i have finished my run im on week 5 of the c25k but ive had it for about 2weeks now just thought it was something of nothing but itseems worse tonight. I dobt feel it when in running or when im stood up or sat down but if i stretch over sideways fron left to right or more so diagonally as if im stretching out my back it hurts. How can i pull my hip? It feels like when you do a giod stretch and it burns for a bit after a run but doesnt seem to go away. Any suggestions? I had three days off before tonight also. I seem to be getting the brunt of it when all i am trying to do is be healthy and do something which ive always wanted to do and run but ive had 2 ankle injuries which i think just flared up from last time. Ive really got into it but feel im causing my body more harm than good please help :)))


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  • It might be your hip flexor? My left hip is quite tight and at the moment it's painful when walking for the first few steps, but goes quite quickly and I don't feel it at all when I run. I think it'll settle down after a while.

    I'd recommend seeing a physio though if you're at all unsure, better to address any underlying problems now rather than wait for them to develop further.

    Good luck x

  • Hi prune yesmines on the left hand side no problems with the right. I wonder if i do some circular hip circles before i go out if thatd help. I seem to be cracking in places also more like my knees but think this was down to the 30 day shred i did a while back. My back cracks at the bottom also if i twist but not all the time. Ha ha im not in a good way. But i do feel great for all the fresh air and excercise. I dony think of anything when im running apart from catching my breath. Defo think a physio might be worth thinking about even if its just to check me over!

  • nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

    Try these stretches after running, the hip flexor one is particularly helpful I find. Pilates will be great too.

  • Obviously I don't know how bad your hip pain is and you have to listen to your body, but if it's anything like me, the hip pain I suffer is all connected to my core muscles (lower back, pelvic floor) I remember around week 5 I was suffering too, but actually three weeks on it doesn't feel so bad - I guess as I am slowly getting stronger. Core strength training is really good for running, so if you can work in even a short session once a week, you may find it helps.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you, what kind of core training do you do? I dont do any other excercise apart from the running.

  • I've was doing a pilates class once a week until end of May, but it has finished for the summer so I have found a great youtube pilates session that I now do in my lounge. I'll let you have the link for it.

  • Aw yes that'd be great thanks appreciate that! Looking forward to my weekly pilates session now :)

  • Try spinning & Yoga

  • I've been thinking about going to spinning again i used to really enjoy it, such a buzz and the amount of calories you burn in one session is amazing!

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