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Some hip pain

So I'm still doing my 5k runs. Not really getting any faster and they are still quite hard work to be honest, I sincerely hope that they start to get 'easier' soon. Anyway I've discovered that the runs seem to aggravate my right hip.

After my first 5k run both hips hurt but I think it was because I got stiff after sitting down at work and it passed after a day.

Now after my run just my right hip is quite sore whilst walking about. It eases after 24 hours and is back to normal ready for me to aggravate out again on my next run. Do you think it's just my joints still getting used to running? Eventually it will stop happening??

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I have a similar thing with my right hip too IAASA. It doesn't bother me when I run but it is very tight when I stretch afterwards. I foam roller it every day and that seems to be helping, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I place my foot differently on that side. I've been to see a physio but she doesn't know what's causing it! Let me know how you get on.


You see it doesn't feel like something I can stretch out really. I do have a foam roller so I'll give it a go though.


Oh that's a difficult one. I seem to go through phases where I get used to something aching every day after a run only to sort itself out for two days later. When the phase has lasted anywhere from two to many runs, my body says stop and I end up taking a couple of weeks off. You'd have thought I had become wiser by now.

I'm saying this, because it sounds like you might be entering a similar phase.

Muscle aches are okay. Pain is not. Blessed and wise are those who can recognise the difference.

Fingers crossed it doesn't get any worse.


Hi IAASA, I get hip stiffness, and also got sore feet, ?from overuse, so I cut my runs to two a week, seems my bod was telling me it didn't like high impact 3 times a week. The soreness had not completely gone before my next run and it was not comfortable.

I have been doing two runs a week for nearly two months now and am much more comfortable, so much so, - and more eager to get out the door (strange?!) I have done one long run last week (7km) didn't push it, just went as far as I felt comfortable - it felt great. And did 5k yesterday, hips still get stiff, but not so bad, I am aiming to do one longer run and one 5k a week. Cutting back a bit might help you? Hope that helps

M x


Just an update, I didn't run yesterday and ran a shorter distance today instead and my hip feels a lot better today. Might do another shorter distance Thursday and go from there.


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