Hip pain

Hi everyone, I have followed the plan and can now run for 30mins, which is amazing to me! Since the beginning my left hip has felt stiff after running but has recovered by the next day. Now I am running for longer it is starting to cause me some pain. It is on the "pointed" bit of the hip at the front, it hurts when I put weight on it e.g. Walking up stairs, or standing from sitting. It typically takes 3 days to stop hurting. I have a gp appt next week but do not want to stop running now I've started. Has anyone else experienced this? Can I keep running?


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  • I think you must wait until your GP has checked you over before deciding if you can continue your running. Tell him how much you don't want to stop and he will help you, I'm sure. Good Luck!

  • I had something similar, though mine was in the groin, but hurt for several days after a run when walking upstairs and standing up. I got some advice from a sports physio who advised me to make sure I stretch loads when getting back from the run. This worked instantly and I have not experienced the pain at all since, and I make sure I do lots of stretching now. I also took ibuprofen to help with the pain.

  • I havent run for almost 2 weeks as I have had this for about 6 weeks & it hasnt gone away. I used to get slight hip discomfort on my right hip the day after a long run (over 6 miles). 6 weeks ago I did a long run, nothing out of the ordinary, just my normal plod but pain didnt go away. the high hip area & outside hip feels bruised & hurts when you touch it. I ran or cross-trained with the pain for about 4 weeks, hoping it would sort itself out.

    a trip to the doctors a week ago & he gave me some anti-inflamatry cream to rub on 4 times a day & told me that the soft tissue/ligaments around my hip area are inflamed & I would just have to wait until it doesnt hurt anymore. almost a week later after no exercise other than walking it is feeling better, but it comes & goes. he said that I could do any other form of exercise that didnt hurt this area like maybe cycling or swimming or cross-trainer. I have tried the cross-trainer as I dont want to lose any fitness as I have another half marathon in september, but unfortunately this agravated my hip the following day. didnt hurt whilst I was doing it :( only good thing is that I havent damaged my hip socket which was my biggest worry.

    Id definately go to the doctor, but please dont run on it if it hurts ~ it will probably only make it worse. best to get it checked out first.

    for me, if Im not feeling as if my hip is almost ok by the end of next week I will make an appointment with a sports therapist as I miss my running.

    good luck. hope it sorts itself out for you soon. shelley x

    ps. I had knee problems shortly after finishing c25k & it is amazing how much more determined it makes you to carry on running :)

  • See what the GP says. If you're not happy with what he says, and you can afford it, go and see a sports physio for advice (should be about £30 for a half hour appt).

  • Hello and thanks to everyone who posted an answer. A quick update - still waiting for gp appointment next week, however did complete a 20 min run yesterday, hip started to feel sore so I stopped. When I got home I stretched for a good 15 mins, holding each position for half to 1 minute. I feel ok today! Maybe a slight weakness in the hip but nothing like last week. My conclusions - my hip is a weak area which I need to take care of BUT with careful stretching it can be managed. Hope this might be useful for any new runners who develop a problem in any area.

  • hello. can I ask what stretches you did for your hip? I did post about my hip pain but have avoided doing anything, just in case! mine is on the mend also after not doing any exercise for 2 weeks now but I am getting rather cranky :) I want to run but am going to give it another week but may have to join daughter who wants to start the 30 day shred plan. thanks for any advice. shelley x

  • Hello Shelley, I've got to say I didn't research any "official" stretches, I just did what felt right for my pain, which I think is hip flexor muscle. I got into a position with one knee down, like runners starting the 100m in the blocks. I think it's important to hold the positions for at least 30 secs from what I've read. Then I slid my hands along the floor as far as I could stretch so my back was horizontal and parallel to the floor. So now both knees are on the floor, then lift one leg behind you so it's also horizontal with the floor, and also lift your opposite arm if you feel stable enough. My son calls this the superman stretch!! I do pilates so I think subconsciously I am using some of the moves from that. Then I get into the cat position from pilates which basically flexes the back. As I said nothing here is official, I just sort of tried to do something which felt I was stretching out, and try to hold each position. Really hope you find something that works for your hip xx

  • thankyou. didnt see the written version above, just googled as mentioned below. but have now :) I had a free session at the gym with a personal trainer when I started training for my half marathon & he recommended doing that move where you are in the starting position for running block but then leaning forward so that you feel the stretch in the hip. he said only us "runners" would really feel a stretch, so will try that again aswell. wow, 30 day shred & stretching. cant wait to get back to running again out in the fresh air. x

  • Hi Shelley, me again, try googling "opposite arm and leg extension" I think that's basically what I'm doing xx

  • thankyou. looks like "superman" move. x

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