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Outer hip pain

Am currently part way through week 3 and have had some hip pain since week 2 - it's just my right and on the outer side - have had a little look on here and will give the piriformis and hip flexor stretches a go after my next run. I haven't had a gait analysis but have had my wet footprint done and I seem to have high arches so have got some running trainers that are for this. Does anyone have any other thoughts about what may be causing this or what I can do? Thought it was getting better as pain improved during last run wasn't bad day after but it seems to worsen in the day after that - run day! Thanks in advance x

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Hi, I had this badly when I started the plan and still have it to some extent now although it is better. I eventually worked out that it was probably down to me running on country lanes where the middle of the road is higher than the sides, so you're always running unevenly. It was putting more pressure on my left hip, hence the pain. I started running in the middle of the road (risky I know!) and also had a gait analysis done and got new shoes - it has all helped. The guy who did my gait analysis did say that having had two children my pelvis might be slightly misaligned which would also explain the pain - I don't know if this applies to you, but defnitely worth getting your gait done to start with...

Hope the pain improves soon. x


There are also other issues to do with hip pain when running. Try reading this:

I also had bursitis a long time ago and that had similar symptoms pilates-back-joint-exercise...

And yes, there are also the piriformis exercises.



I have only had it once or twice on the times when I have run further downhill, especially if the ground is uneven/stony., I try and do lots of stretches to help and if it does flare up I use a foam roller to ease it.


I had hip pain when I first started running, still get a little bit. As you say above, I got my gait analyzed but I was running normally (still bought nice running shoes, which oddly was a great incentive). I have found that stretching after a run, only for 5 min or so, really really helps, especially the one where you put your one hand on your hip and then lean over to that direction with your other arm over your head. I can feel the muscle that hurts twinge when I do this and it's made a difference. Good luck with it, I hope you feel better!


I've heard alot of people talk about getting your gait assessed and proper shoes for the individual runner; where do you go to get that done? Thanks


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