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I purchased some compression socks the day before Irish-John said he had tried his and did not like them. I had trouble getting them on until I read you put them on like ladies nylon. Not worn nylons before so I had to do some research (-: I found them too tight around my knee so had to turn them down and then they were ok.

I found no difference wearing them like Irish-John so will not bother wearing them again. When I went indoors and had a cup of tea or two I got chatting so did not take them off for about ½ hour. It was then I saw the difference to my legs. I have big veins that stick out around the calf area, always have and never hurt. When I took my compression socks off I had no veins sticking out so they are good for that reason. I think in future I will, run with my 10 pairs for 2 bob socks from sport direct and then put compression socks on when I have finished.

When I purchased my shoes from a specialist running shop after having gait tested he asked if I had any running socks. I only had normal socks you go out in so he sold me a pair of Hilly running socks. I thought excellent as since they are running socks I will run faster just like young lads with their go faster cars with big noisy exhaust, strips & fat wheels.

Trouble is I nearly never went running at all as I almost collapsed on the floor from shock as they cost me £11!!!!!!! For just 1 pair!!!! They never made me run faster & besides they were too thick & hot so now just stuck in the drawer.

Bit late in replying as only just read post your reply post FlickM3 to HeleneCorsa . I just cannot imagine you will be to resist buying some more shoes for running even though the ones you got will last years (-:(-: , wait till the new colour come out in spring!!!!

8 Replies

I always wear knee compression sock after an event, I really do believe they help with the recovery. On the running socks I have got some really good ones from ALDI and Lidl for £2.99 a pair, they seem to do the trick. They would have to be very good for me to spend £11.😳.

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Very interesting! It may be that the CS prevent injury/wear and tear rather than boost/add to a sense of well-being :)

I just may give them another outing :)

Thanks dindy : )


I have calf sleeves rather than compression socks - bought them last year when I wasn’t sure if I wanted the socks and my calves were giving me problems on cold runs. What I’ve discovered since, is that if I pull them down so they cover my Achilles’ tendons after a run, it really helps with any niggling pains so I don’t have to ice them as often as I used to.


I had some for my birthday. My legs never ache when I wear them.


FlickM3, I see you did not mention buying any more shoes when the new spring colours come out (-:(-: It is addictive I must admit. Every time we go into town I say I am just going to pop into one of the sports stores. My wife scratches her head and tells me I have everything I need to run in. You just never know there just might be a bargain waiting for you to buy. When we went into town a few days ago I had no intention of even going into the sports shop, I got to be strong I kept telling myself, I succumbed!! Ended up going in "just for a look" and purchased a pair of compression socks and a running jacket!!


I bought some nice tortoise skin shoes.

Took me two hours to walk out of the shop.


There are so many different types of socks that it's worth experimenting, although I agree they can cost a lot of money. I find that the thicker socks cause me toe pain. I now run in Injinjis - socks with separate toes, because I had problems with one toe in particular rubbing on another on longer distances and this stops the problem. They are thin as well and I like that. There are double-skinned socks which apparently prevent blisters (I'm lucky in that I haven't been troubled by this problem). All sorts of socks!


I run in 'inner' layer walking socks - the thin ones you wear under your nice wooly ones inside walking boots. They help keep your feet cool, don't get sweaty and help prevent blisters. Have never considered buying 'running' socks though do fancy some new shoes...... 😉


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