Completed week 3

This past weekend, I completed runs 2 and 3 of week 3. I'm starting week 4 tonight. On Friday of last week, I ventured out at lunch and visited a running store in town. After running on a treadmill and watching slow-motion video of my "gait?", the very kind and patient lady at the store said that I "over-pronate?" Armed with that gem of knowledge, she recommended some running shoes. After trying on half a dozen pairs, I selected a pair of Brooks. I also purchased a pair of running shorts with built-in compression shorts. I thought my wife would freak-out at my purchases, but she was relieved to learn that the nice lady threw in a "free" pair of running socks with my purchase. Nevermind that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

That night, I saddled up and headed out for W3R2. I immediately felt the difference in the shoes. Although I was wearing a pair of running shoes before, I always felt like I was pounding the pavement with each step. It was hard on my legs and my shins always hurt. With the new shoes, I didn't have the same sensation. Each step seemed a little more cushioned and less severe than before. My shins didn't hurt as much, either. The shorts seemed to help, too. Not only did I look like a proper runner, but it seemed to help the tightness in my hamstrings. Maybe it was all just in my head, but that counts too as far as I'm concerned.

The first 3 minute run was difficult, but I made it. The second was much more difficult, but I completed it, too. 2 days later, I ran the final run of week 3. Heading out, I knew if would be difficult since I'd already had a full day. Church in the morning, yard work complete with lifting heavy bags of mulch, painting an interior room and ceiling. I was beat as I left my family and went out for my run. As expected, I grew tired much sooner than I had with the first 2 runs of week 3. But, I soldiered on and completed the runs for week 3.

I feel like the shoes/shorts/socks purchases were well worth it. I didn't spend alot more than I would have for other shoes that I've purchased for work or leisure and they seem to help.

I'm still trying to get the whole belly-breathing technique down and I feel like I'm a bit stiff when I run, but I'm encouraged that I've made it through week 3. Bring on week 4, Laura. Love ya!


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  • Congratulations!!!!!! My husband and myself made shoe purchases a few weeks ago. He over pronates and he went with the Brookes Adrenaline (he loves them!) I'm neutral and really liked the feel of the Brookes Ghost 5. I am happy with mine also. It was well worth it to go have our gait properly checked. By your user name, are you in the U.S.? If so, I can suggest a very decent brand of running socks for you that are quite a bit cheaper then what you will pay at a specialty store. We purchased socks when we purchased shoes but found this brand last week and after the reviews online and wearing them, we will purchase more. Just let me know if your interested. I didn't know if I was ready for week 4, but it was actually one of my better weeks. I wish you well! I am into week 6 and fight the tired, grumpy demons most every run. :-) BTW: I bet those new shoes will also make you run faster and jump higher!!!!

  • Yes, I am in the US. The free socks I received at the running store are called Feetures (not sure of the spelling). For shoes, I got the Brooks Ravenna 3. Thanks for the support and good luck with week 6.

  • We ended up getting Feetures also at $10 a pair if I remember correctly. After reading about running socks on the net a good review by many/even some doing marathons, actually came from a brand one can purchase at walmart! Starter Performance Dri-star low cut tab...3 pr. for $5. They have an arch support and cushioned sole, 98% polyester/2% spandex. I never realized running socks were so important! Check them out, you will be surprised! Thank you for the support into week 6, you will be right behind me to the finish line! One of these days we will both be graduates!!!

  • Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to go to Walmart this weekend and try to pick up a few pairs based on your recommendation.

  • Well done on week 3 TexasDad! I wear Brooks glycerine. I'm a forefoot runner and they provide extra cushioning on the ball of the foot. You're right, they really do make a difference don't they? I also wear compression socks to protect my calves as I've had issues with them for a few years now. Pricey but well worth it if it means I can carry on running. I'd rather be out of pocket and complete C25K than injured and take time out with the underlying risks of losing motivation.

  • Thanks, Fraz. I'm off to complete run 2 for week 4. The first one was pretty rough. Trying to carry-on.

  • Well done on week 3 TexasDad. I started week 3 today. Your gear sounds like a good buy. Not sure if we have these stores here in the UK. Any idea anyone?

  • Thanks, Pearsey. Good luck with week 3.

  • Good for you getting some good gear. I made the mistake of starting off the program wearing 10 year old cross-trainers. I injured my knee by week 2 and had to take some time off to recuperate.

    Went to the running store and came back with a pair of Brooks as well. I started over and am now about to start week 7.

    How do you cope with running in the heat? (indoors?)

  • I don't really have a good way to cope with the running, canuckgirl. I ran one day when it was way too hot and regretted it. I also tried running in the morning, but that's not a good solution since most of my mornings involve getting 3 kids ready for school. The best I can do is wait until the sun starts to set, but the temps don't go down too much here in Texas after dark. The weather is starting to change, though, so I'm looking forward to running in a little more accommodating environment.

    Good luck with week 7. That seems like a long way from where I am. I hope I can survive week 4 let alone make it to week 7.

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