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New Shoes! Asics only lasted 10 months?


New shoes bought yesterday at Sweatshop. My left knee was beginning to ache again so I knew my current Asics shoes must be wearing thin, which they were when you examine the depth of the blocks on the soles, so have now purchased some Brooks Adrenaline 15 GTS shoes.

My first proper pair of running shoes after having a gait analysis at Sweatshop about 2 1/2 years ago, I over pronate slightly, were Nike Structure 15's I have run over 700 Km in them, I purchased my Asics GT 1000 last December so they have only lasted 10 months covering about 560 Km so whilst I liked the lightness and comfort of this make they don't seem to have the longevity of other brands when running on pavements and paths which is the majority of my running. The description of the Brooks adrenaline shoes looks good for the support they provide and they seem more robust than either the Asics or Nike shoes I tried on in the store. The store manager has a pair each of the Nike Structure and Brooks Adrenaline for his running so I should be in good company. Not been out in them yet just wearing them around the house to get used to them, then plan a short run tomorrow followed by park run on Saturday morning.

Hoping they will be fine and that my knee will return to normal as it always has after I switch to new shoes.

PS I am doing squats and exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting my knees before anyone suggests this as I know we all look after each other on this wonderful forum.

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They are lovely! I have read good things about them, and Brooks Cascadia. I love my Gel Kayanos but am thinking I may need something more robust over the winter months as the tracks that I often run on get really muddy and leaf strew during the winter.

exwightmanGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Hi Sandraj39, I did like my Asics for the way they felt on my feet, like running on bubbles but just disappointed with how quickly they have worn down. So I thought I would give another brand ago, I have heard good things about Brooks so fingers crossed.


I use the Adrenaline, too, though I have a further orthotic insole in them too. I wore my last pair out in about 500km, much faster than expected, but I think I'm a bit heavy with my tread!

exwightmanGraduate in reply to Steve_L

Thanks Steve_L I am hoping my Brooks will last longer than the Asics and go a similar distance to the Nike i.e. 700 Km


Very nice - and good colour for muddy runs! I like Brooks too - normally run in Brooks Ghosts.

exwightmanGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks Ullyrunner. I have heard good things about Brooks so I am hoping I won't be disappointed. They don't have as many colours in the shop as they have on-line so the choice was these or white and I choose these because as you say of the muddy runs. I run on as much grass as I can when out running through parks etc. and the Saturday park run is a mixture of tarmac paths and playing fields so some mud will be picked up.


I have brooks adrenaline, kayanos, and gt 1000. The adrenaline are my favourite but I run in them all.

Damn you and your postscripts. If I can't suggest doing squats I don't want to play at all.

exwightmanGraduate in reply to Rignold

Sorry Rignold just thought I would get in first. It was possibly one of your previous posts to another forum member that made me look up a good set of routines to follow. I haven't invested in a roller yet they seem painful to me.

Rignold in reply to exwightman

Painful? No, not at all. That's just a myth people like to put around to keep the soothing pleasure of the foam rollers to themselves. It's like having liquid silk poured over your aches and pains. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Am surprised to hear that about the Asics Gt-1000 though. they are my main road running shoe and I only recently retired by first pair after about 1800km, and even then they still had reasonable life in them I just wanted to break in a new pair ahead of time for marathon. The wear on teh soles is obviously visible but not terrible, considering.

10 months doesn't strike me as a terrible lifespan for a main pair of running shoes. I have had a terrible time this year with Inov-8 OCr shoes, 2 pairs of which have literally come apart after 6 and 8 races respectively. The did replace the first pair quite promptly to be fair, and the shoes did take quite a battering, but even so that's hardly hardy. I keep buying them though because they are just so good while they last.


They look great! I've just got my 2nd pair of Brooks Pureflow-love them- so can recommend the brand-happy running!


I love Brooks! I currently have a pair of Ravenna 5's


I have Asics and NB. I love my NBs. They are trail and I use them on beach sand, dirt tracks and concrete path with some bitumen during the holidays. My NB are better fit and my toes love it. I have had a lot of disappointment with Asics where my big toes go through the netting. In my part of the world Brooks are very expensive so "NB rule"!

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