Running socks

Hi all

Looking for recommendations for running socks, please.

I've been having problems with the socks I currently have (which I bought at the same time as I bought my running shoes and which were recommended to me by the Sweatshop assistant). They were made by Hind and were two pairs for £10 which, I suppose, are not that expensive as I've seen some that cost at least £10 for a single pair.

They fell apart at the seams and were sent back to Sweatshop. I received two new replacement pairs but after two 30 minute runs, they too have fallen to bits. Credit to Sweatshop here as they have been great. They are now going to give me a full refund including my p&p costs (which they should do anyway as they were faulty) but still, great service from Sweatshop.

So, can anyone recommend a good make of running sock, preferably one that doesn't fall apart after a couple of runs? ;)

Cheers ;)

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  • I wear more mile, on line, around £5 a pair, I love them

  • I can recommend Hilly Double Skin, about £10 pair but worth it.

  • M&S anti-blister socks. Fantastic!! £8 for 2 pairs I think. Have been washed and washed and washed and never had any blisters or problems. Don't get the 'trainer socks' though, get the proper socks :)

  • I have some lovely ones from Musto...and Lidl ones are the best, they wash and wash and stay comfy :)

  • I've got most of mine from amazon. I also like mile on mile, but also falke, run breeze anti blister and run energy x socks. I think its worth spending more on quality socks and prefer artificial fibre to cotton.

  • Thanks everyone for the advice / recommendations. I've just been looking at the x socks. Some very good write-ups but I'll also check out the others mentioned. Thanks again ;)

  • I have more mile, my running shop does 3 pairs for £10 which is a bargain! I had real problems with their cushioned ones though, gave me blisters :( the normal ones I find are fine. You might want to dabble in getting one of a few types and see what you like, I think I hit lucky on my socks and luckily I only bought 1 pair of the cushioned ones!

  • Thanks, lovefood ;)

  • Thanks everyone for your advice. I've had a read on line of the various options and just ordered a couple of pairs of x-socks. Fairly pricey but if they do the trick then worth every penny ;)

  • I love the Nike elite cushion running socks. Bit pricey but fit great and compress and pad in all the right places. Have lasted me several months of running so far.

  • They look like a good sock.

  • I like Puma quarter socks which are made from recycled fibres. I don't get on with trainer socks but equally, especially this weather, normal length socks get too hot round my thick ankles. I buy them online from SockShop.

  • They look a good option, too.

  • I have only had aldi running socks & they have been great

  • I'm going to keep my eyes open for running socks from Aldi / Lidl :)

  • I love Nike running socks dry fit :-)

  • I love my MoreMile and Asics running socks... nice and soft!

  • I swear by my 1000 mile socks. I have ridiculously delicate feet and have never had so much as the tiniest rub or blister when wearing them.They come in different lengths and types but I like the anklet length.

  • The Aldi ones are dead comfy and dead cheap! Mine got holes at the big toe but I'd done miles in em so can't complain.

    My husband bought me some Karrimor Marathon socks for Christmas and they are the bees knees!!!!!!!!! I wore them for my 10 mile the other day and they were perfect. No blisters. I had been getting blisters, which I'd put down to my new shoes, but once I switched to my Christmas present socks, no further problems

  • I've had the Karimore ones from Sports direct. . There alright, nothing special but havent had any adverse side effects etc.

  • Nike socks have always served me well. Just one thing, don't buy ones that are too thick or they make your shoes too tight and give you really bad pins and needles in your feet when running. My last pair of socks (can't remember brand but were specific running socks) felt snug in my trainers, but not uncomfortable initially, then 15 minutes into my run the pins and needles appeared in both feet and became very painful by the time I finished 15 minutes later. Probably not helped by having warmer, swollen feet in the hotter weather.

  • Thanks for the tip ;o)

  • Just picked up some really cheap sports ones from Lidl, but yet to try them.

  • I wear Feetures and they are available on Amazon.

  • Thanks everyone for your recomendations and advice. I didn't realise there were so many types ;o) As I mentioned above, I've ordered a couple of pairs of x-socks but I think I'll also keep my eye open for Aldi/Lidl ones and the 1000 miles/MoreMiles ones as they seem to be popular ;o)

    Thanks again everyone. Much appreciated.

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