Up to now I've done my running in old trainers and white sports socks. However I've seen proper runners apparently not wearing socks at all (unless they're wearing those silly little things, don't know what they're called). Do proper runners wear socks, are the padded ones essential, or no socks at all? Or is that too cold in this weather?

Do tell! I will be buying proper running shoes soon, and want to know if I need to make allowance for socks or not.


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22 Replies

  • Socks are always good, running socks are even better ;)

  • I would alway edge on socks because there is nothing worse than blisters caused by rubbing!

  • Make sure that you buy your socks FIRST - and then wear them when trying on shoes. I have some thickish running socks which I can't wear with my shoes.

  • I have to wear running socks that are thick on the soles else the balls of my feet go numb. And blisters don't bear thinking about

  • Anything to do with running if its not hurting or damaging anything go with it. I was advised by friends to get a particular expensive supporting running shoe. It gave me all sorts of foot ache switched back to my old ones. Personal preference.

  • Yes - there is all kinds of BAD advice around regarding running shoes. The question you should ask yourself BEFORE buying running shoes - is "Am I having any kind of problem with the shoes I am currently using???? " - if the answer is NO - then ...........................

  • I bought some excellent running socks from Sports Direct that have a padded band at the back to stop them from sliding down under your foot. They're so comfortable that I wear them every day for walking as well. And they were very cheap!

  • I bought my first pair of "running shoes" as opposed to just trainers after about week 6 or 7, but have now been converted to running socks too.

  • I bought my first pair of "running shoes" as opposed to just trainers after about week 6 or 7, but have now been converted to running socks too.

  • If you are buying running shoes then some shops have a treadmill and will do gait analysis to make sure you get the correct ones for you. Note that 'last seasons' are generally in a sale and a lots cheaper and perhaps the only difference is colour.

    I bought running socks at the same time and they are the ones that make it look like you are not wearing any. One of the main differences is that they are marked L & R so you get them on the correct feet and being shaped they obviously fit better.

    I definitely wouldn't run without socks.

  • You need to be careful with the left and right socks!

  • With a podiatrist called Dr Lightfoot anything is possible! :-)

  • Yes, to socks;and an even bigger YES to getting a gait analysis done when you get your shoes. Any half-decent running shop, even the SD satellite shop called Sweat Shop, will do this FREE.

    Good luck, and happy running.

  • I got running socks from Aldi, very cheap and nice and soft, like running on marshmallows unlike ordinary socks which are like running on string! I just wish they were a bit longer, my ankles get cold!

  • Difference of opinion Curly. I got my first pairs from Aldi and thought they were o.k. They started to wear out very quickly so i bought some more from Sports Direct. There is no comparison, although not expensive the quality is far superior. Only keep my Aldi socks as a backup now. Although you don't notice either when you run the Sports Direct socks just have a better fit and quality when you put them on/

  • I'll have a look at SD socks, can you recommend any particular ones?

  • I've bought two lots from SD. The first were plain white where you got a lot of socks for very little money. These are o.k. do the job but like Aldi socks just cover the feet. I also bought a few pairs which were slightly more expensive but still cheap. I can't remember the the price, SD have a pricing policy where 2 pairs are always much cheaper than if you buy one. These are thicker really comfy and have some fluorescent glow in the dark yellow colouring. Definitely my favourite, they are like a cosy pair of slippers. Looking at the SD web site they seem to be marketed for men though.

  • Thanks BB, I'll have a look next time I'm there. The fact they are for men apparently is ok, I've got big feet!

  • Socks definitely!

    I wear normal socks, running socks, while a good idea and nice and comfy take up too much shoe width, if I could get extra wide shoes I'd wear them.

    Mum got me some bamboo socks for Christmas, a pack of 3 pairs, really soft and felt wonderful during my run yesterday and today. (Only problem is that 2 of the pairs are black and I banned black socks from the house when daughter finished school last summer, pairing up all different types of plain black ankle socks is one route to madness.) Bamboo socks are meant to be good for wicking moisture and keeping your feet feeling nice.

  • I have some marathon socks from SD and they are fab, but a bit dear, but they were a gift. Their cheaper Karrimor socks are too HOT!!! Lovely and comfy but my feet get too flippin hot in them. I love my Lidl running socks, they're my faves.

  • I just wear normal socks, as long as they are not towelling or those trainer liner thingies as they always disappear into my shoes and its a right palaver trying to run with them like that.

    I have treated myself though this Christmas to some running socks from Decathlon in the sale. I hope they make me go faster :-D xxx

  • I got some new socks for Christmas from Primark! Took them for a 10k spin today and they appear very comfy. Time will tell...

    Up till now I've been wearing short trainer socks (from Asda). Only problem was that now winter is here the gap between sock and leggings meant my ankles were getting cold.

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