Can compression sleeves cause back pain??!

Can compression sleeves cause back pain??!

So I completed w5r3 last tues but shin splints are getting so bad, I've been advised to take a short break and strengthen. Frustrating 😢 Friday night my Amazon ordered compression sleeves arrived ( I put them on at 8pm, did 30secs of heel drops on edge of stair, watched some telly, then left them on for bed. Woke up at 1am in excruciating lower back pain (NEVER had it before in my life). I couldn't get out of bed, hubbie had to roll me out and I did a slow crawl hand and knees when I needed the bathroom. I took the sleeves off. This pain lasted until midday despite taking solpadeine and naproxen, with ice pack on back. I'm still pretty fragile day 2 but doing part bed rest, part gingerly walking round the house. Any ideas??? I did nothing different to normal bar wearing sleeves, and very short calf exercises. Scared to start running again now and I've been so proud of my progress 😢 please help x


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  • We are not medical experts...and I have no idea, really, about the sleeves.... but it sounds to me, and looking at your other if you may have a back injury ? The pain in your legs could be part of a bigger issue maybe?

    I remember your last post... and wonder if it is all connected... your shoes are right.. and you have been exercising well, stretching and flexing etc... maybe now is the time to go and get it checked out... A Sports Physio could be the first port of call, or your GP...:)

    We do, as I say, expect aches and pains but this is different. Please, don't run at all until you have been checked over... the runs will still be there, honestly... be kind to is not worth really injuring yourself :)

    Warm shower and a back massage/rub from hubby maybe to ease things off:)

    Hope you feel better and please keep us posted...:)

  • Thanks oldfloss. Again 😉 I'm seeing a sports physio on Friday who specialises in back and legs so on enforced strike til then 😕

  • That sounds very sensible... just really take it steady until then :) Try and keep moving gently though.. stiffening up can be a side effect!

    You will get there :)

  • Thank you xxx

  • Worth asking a doc, but I know from experience anytime I hurt myself (sprain an ankle, bursitis on my knee, etc) it often translates to other areas because pain leads you to walk oddly to compensate. Never had a problem with the sleeves, but I wouldn't discount that it's related to the shin splints.

    Personally for back pain slow puttering often feels a little better for me than strict bedrest. Hope you get it sorted soon.

  • Thanks runswithdogs. I'm just so sad and frustrated that mentally I'm totally up for the runs, stamina wise I was doing really well, but of all things my legs are playing up. Really unsure when I'll be able to restart, what week to restart on etc etc. Putting a lot of hope in this physio on Friday (so far away!!) Apparently he coaches hampshire cricket team so he must know his mustard. Did his physio degree in shin splints so sure he's seen it all before 😬

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