Couch to 5K

A tough Parkrun today in my sexy new compression sleeves!!!

Second Parkrun and I really struggled! I am going to blame the remains of the cough which is haunting me and hay fever but my breathing was AWFUL and I wheezed and gasped my way round. Had to walk in places so it feels rather disappointing. I managed 7k running this week and the 5k today felt like it was going to finish me off altogether! Where I train its flat and the Parkrun is undulating so I really struggle with it.

Good news was it was the first outing for my sexy new calf compression sleeves. Black and red ones! Having strained my calf at the first Parkrun I did a month ago I was worried about the inclines again as that's where the damage happened. In fact I had decided I would power walk them as I am doing race for life in 3 weeks and I didn't want another injury. The sleeves were really comfortable and I can honestly say for the first run in ages I did not even notice my calf ache once. So that was a positive. Do feel I let team c25k down today with having to give in and walk! Still a couple of months ago there is no way I would have done this at all!

Hope all you other c25k park runners had a good one today!

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You did not let us down! Running after a cough is very determined and you got to the end when it would have been easy to give up.

This nearly read like a troll message as I missed out the NOT.

Your calf sleeves sound funky. Do you dress to match?!


As thanks! Had long joggers on to keep them covered as was worried I would look silly! Of course there were actually lots of other people wearing them. Probably best avoid a red top to go with them as I end up beet root coloured and would clash terribly Hee Hee :)


As Laura says, any run is better than no run! I had a couple of awful Park runs, last time I felt terrible and nearly gave up within the first km! You finished so certainly didn't let team C25K down! :-)

I know what you mean about not wanting to get injured, I feel the same about the Olympic park run, 3 weeks to go, I have been eyeing up local boot camp training sessions work mates keep face booking about but don't dare start in case I do some damage! :-)

Hope you have a good Park run next time, I had a better park run today, checking for the official results impatiently to get my time! :-)


Thanks. Hope you get a good time. At least today I am not bothered about looking! Want to get my pb down at the race for life which is flat and on the seafront but will be very busy I guess! Olympic park run sounds good what's that?


Well done you.. But what is this sexy accessory on your calves.. I'm intrigued??


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