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Back pain following run


Hi has anyone here experienced back pain after running? After my run last weekend I've been having quite a bit of upper back pain. I've never experienced back pain before . Thinking about contacting a physio next week but wondered if anyone else has had anything similar. It's stopped me running since as I don't want to make anything worse

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Is it actually your back or is it your shoulders?

It could be that you are really tense when you are running and this is causing pain in your shoulder muscles. If you think that might be the case, try a gentle jog and shake your arms by your side if you start feeling the tenseness come on. Laura suggests this in one of the later podcasts (perhaps even the ones for graduates), and I've found it works.

Of course, if it is actually backpain, ignore the above and get some proper medical advice!!

totalbeginnerGraduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

It's definatley feels muscular but right across my upper back, not just between my shoulders. It's worse if I try to recline back and always worse on waking

runningnearbeirutGraduate in reply to totalbeginner

I had this problem when I went on my first (and only) skiing holiday. On the first day, the instructor of my group kept saying "you're meant to be enjoying this, relax!", but I was just gripping onto those ski poles for dear life and was very stiff the next day as a result...

Do you get the same sensation if you clench your fists and tense your arms?

If it's worse when you wake, and not going away after a couple of days, then it's unlikely that this is the cause though, so I'd get it checked.

totalbeginnerGraduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

It's been a week now and hasn't really got better despite a week rest. No it doesn't feel like that. It feels similar to the sensation you get the day following a good workout at the gym. But all across my thoracic spine .

runningnearbeirutGraduate in reply to totalbeginner

I'd get some proper advice then!!

Thanks running near Beirut. I've never had anything like this before


I agree with runningnearbeirut .. sounds like tension in your shoulders and across the upper back. Laura does suggest it and I still do it... much to folk's amusement!

Maybe a slow run, a jogette as our lovely Irishprincess, calls them... and see if that eases it.. if not.. medical check will put your mind at rest? :)


If it is muscular, which sounds likely, I've found a fantastic relief to stand against a wall and use a tennis ball behind me and use it to massage the tense muscles. Good pain! You can find a tender spot and hold the ball there until it hurts less, then move on.


Aches & pains can arise when starting to run, I can get a bit of lower back ache when getting out of bed, but goes off as the morning goes on and OK running. Could be tension, that appears for me in neck & shoulder muscles, was especially bad if I held head up too high when swimming which also gave me a tension headache. Keep shoulders back & relaxed chest out, arms bent at sides not across the front of the body.

Niggling aches & pains can linger for a few weeks, so rest as nessacary and light jog/walk.. I would keep it moving gently if your OK with that, see if it gradually subsides.

I have had that but not bad enough to need physio.

Thanks everyone

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