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Back pain - can I still run?

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Had back pain for last few months now suspect it’s probably not just my job (ambulance) but psoriatic arthritis worsening. PILING on weight and need to sort myself out :(

These days it Jarrs my back to run, but I really am hoping if I persevere it will get better? Anyone else with Psoriatic Arthritis run on here? And if so do you have any tips that worked for you? Xx

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I've not had that but did pull a muscle in my back. Took 8 weeks off running as it gave me referral pain in my thigh. Also had to have physio. Am glad I waited as I could have ended up doing more damage. It's very frustrating but worth it in the end. Best wishes

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Not the same problem, but I am carrying the equivalent of an extra person in fat, which doesn’t make things easy. I’m following the week 1 pattern but at two walking paces, not walking and running, until I build up some fitness and pace. You might find a similar method works to help you get started and discover what you feel ready for. You can repeat individual runs or weeks as often as you want. I’m sure you’ll find it and the lovely people on this forum a real help. All the best with it x

Thank you! Just getting used to this app and missed message

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Birdie17

I know that feeling ! 😄

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Your GP should be your first port of call... he/she should be able to tell you whether they think it is okay for you to run...

This site has loads of useful info...

...and we do have many forum friends running with different forms of arthritis:)

If you get the go ahead..then check this post out... there is a lot of useful and tried and tested advice:)

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Birdie17 in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you! Sorry for slow response Xx

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