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Out of action

Currently have an chest infection and feel wheezy. So I can manage long walks and no runs. Just itching to get back out there.

Went to GP today who has advised no running for a week until antibiotics are finished ....not fair but must take sensible advise.

Found out though she took part in the same Woman's 10k as me on the 4th May. Her time was 58 minutes and mine was 63 mins, we must have been running near each other. She is about 20 years younger than me though so I can allow her to run past me.!!

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Get well soon, and take it easy once you get back out there.

63 minutes is a great 10k time - and you must feel nice and smug to only be 5 mins behind someone so much younger.

By the way, do you need to change your name? Can't imagine you bursting any couches now with over use.


Stick with the name I think RNB, it reminds me where I started. Right now I feel like the couch anyway as no energy. Voice going now so I sound worse.


Sorry to hear you are out of action too! There seem to be quite a lot of us, one way or another. Walking is good though and take your time and don't pick up til you feel properly well again. It won't be long in the bigger picture of things, even though it is really frustrating. I didn't and I think , on reflection, I was a bit daft!


Thanks Lizziebeth, walked 4km today with the dogs, but was so tired afterwards ended up in bed for the afternoon. So like you say am taking it easy.

My running brain is still on though but the body and chest infection makes me not willing physically.


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