Run out of energy... and willpower

So I've been taking it slowly, easing my way through the weeks and being careful not to push too hard so that I don't hurt my slightly dodgy knee - and so far it's been going really well. Last Wednesday evening I went out for my first attempt at W5r3, and it was fine - a few dog-related pauses as Troublesome Pup decided she wasn't in the mood to co-operate, but on the whole it was a really good run, and I came home pretty satisfied.

Since then, though, my mojo has crept back into bed, pulled the duvet up around its ears, and gone into hibernation. I couldn't get out on Friday or Saturday, due to life getting in the way, and Sunday I let laziness take over (calling it 'recovery'...). Mondays are no good for running, so I needed to go yesterday evening. And didn't. So now I'm feeling grumpy at myself for letting myself down.

I've vowed that I MUST go tonight while DD2 is out - I can take her, drop her off, go for a run, then collect her. Except her group aren't meeting in their normal place, so that throws things off again. But enough of the excuses. Please can someone kick me off the couch...! :(


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  • Can you feel my virtual boot kicking your a*** ? You know that you want to get out there and you will feel so much better once you have done it. Stop making excuses, get those trainers on and get moving. I don't want to hear another word from you until you have been out and run AND I expect a report back telling me how wonderful it felt. (No smiley face until it's done).

  • Just do it! Stop with the excuses already. We've heard em all! Boots Rainbow out the door and locks it. Byeeeeee. Waves. Have a good run. Let us know how it goes ๐Ÿ˜Š Missing you already. ......... tbc .....

  • Ah come on Rainbow, you can do this !

    Theres a saying " If you really want to do something , you'll find a way, if you don't, you'll find an excuse "

    Which ones it gonna be ?

    Im not bossy at all . It really goes against my nature , here have a hug ((( ))) :-) xxx

  • "Accidentally" put on your running kit- just to see what it feels like and you may feel a need to take it out for a little trip........ When I feel like that I try not to think about what I m doing and just let it happen......

  • I went, and I ran. Didn't manage the full 20 mins, but I'm not fussed about that - anything over 5 mins would be acceptable, 10 mins was what I really wanted to achieve as a minimum, more than that would be better than expected. Managed to run 12.5 mins, walk 2.5, run 5 mins to end. :) Not setting the world on fire, but that's ok. I went, I ran, I feel better for it. :)

    Thank you for the virtual kicks, sorry, encouragement! ;)

  • You ran for 17.5 minutes! That's great. It is a worry when you have dodgy knees as you are constantly worrying that you will do serious damage and end on the IC. Try doing regular squats or exercises to strengthen the knees, this way your confidence will build and you won't be so nervous about hurting yourself, and so can concentrate on enjoying your running. Now, make your mind up that you will be doing the full 20 minutes on your next run, keep repeating it until you believe you can and will do it. Mind of matter, your body can achieve this, it's just your mind saying "no". Take it slowly, change route if you can, but just do it.

  • Yup, my mind was really not in the right place yesterday. I'd decided to run around the next village while my daughter was at Guides, but they were elsewhere out & about yesterday evening. I didn't want to run where they were - for both her sake and mine! - so thought I could go in another local village just for a change of scenery and an easy flat route. Did the warm up walk, got started running and realised that this wouldn't work without a bathroom break (sorry, tmi! :-o ) So home, quick stop, and dashed out of the door again, deciding to run up to the main road and back. Got near the turning for a field, and saw a horse coming down the road. Absolutely wasn't up to trying to keep Troublesome Pup calm and steady while a horse goes past, so into the fields we went. I was aware that I was getting frustrated that things were just not going to plan, hence giving myself permission to just do what I could, so that it was still positive.

    And on the good side, my knee is still ok today. Letting me know it's there a bit, but I have done a fair bit of walking this morning, so I think it's still coping fine... :)

  • Finding a decent route when your pushed for time, or in a different location can be a pain but you sound much more positive today, plus the knee's still OK, so I'm sure you will do the whole 20 minutes next time, and I'll be here to celebrate it with you. :-)

  • Forgot to say, well done for not beating yourself up. Sometimes plans don't work out, and you accepted that, made the most of it and moved on. Not everyone can do that.

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