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Drat, out of action!

I never in my life imagined I'd be so disappointed at not being able to run. It's true what they say that you never know how good things are until they are gone.

Apparently I've got soft tissue damage in the groin which will mean no running for a few weeks at least. I'm gutted to say the least and I'm very impatient to be back out there.

However I know I just have to wait this one out and listen to my body - easier said than done so keep your fingers crossed for me that the healing process goes smoothly please.

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I am sorry to hear your injured. like you say listen to your body and I am sure you will be back out there again soon enough. speedy recovery. x


Sorry to hear this twizzle53 . I know what you mean , you certainly do miss running . I've been out of action 3wk now . We just have to be patient & soon we will be back out there . Get well soon .


So sorry to hear you are not able to run I feel your frustration You just need to follow dr advice and don't too much too soon Fingers and toes dutifully crossed for you


I feel your pain, I hurt my knees the other week so I've been unable to run for a bit.


It is a wonder that we now think like that. I was bemoaning the same thing to my husband the other night and he laughed.

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There are some crocked runners on here at the moment (hi Rockette!) LOL

who are having to take it steady and be realistic about re-starts. It's a frustrating time but you can't really rush it or you'll end up at square one

Go carefully and you'll be back out there in no time.


Lol . Oh yes !


I have grumbling twinges at the moment and am really worried that I will have to rest up... do you think it may be because it is so cold out at the moment that it takes a lot longer to warm up properly? I am trying to walk for nearer 10mins before running and altho

ugh I have been running outside lately, I will be going back to the gym for a while. Warmer and less punishing on the knees and ankles maybe?

Rest easy, don't worry, you'll be back out there soon enough.


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