Good article on navigating complementary cancer treatments

I'msharing this link to what I consider a balanced and helpful recent article about how persons with cancer can navigate all the information about complementary and alternative treatments out there. It was written by a naturopath trained in cancer care who practices at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre in Ottawa, Canada. Hope some of you will find it useful.

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  • Thanks for this link, Bleimsner. It's one of the most helpful and balanced articles on this subject that I've ever read (which is just what you said it was!). :-)


  • It's not a good article, it's excellent!

    The referenced article should be required reading for anyone wanting to know how to evaluate the usefulness of claims regarding any treatments.

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  • Excellent article. I do have a concern about those who wax lyrical about their alternative medicines, healthy diet and exercise regime. They often show little empathy for those whose cll has progressed for whatever reason. Of course it is good to stay as healthy as possible but don't go on about it to the extent that other people feel like failures or that they have not been doing the 'right' things. (Similar message to the 'avoid FCR at all costs' people!!). In my experience cancer of every type is no respecter of person or lifestyle. Beryl

  • i agree that anyone who seems to "blame" those whose disease has progressed to treatment on lifestyle or somehow not "doing the right thing" is misguided indeed. I emphasize greatly with those who have required treatment, including my own sister. It's a genetic lotto we have involuntarily been dealt tickets for.

    That said, for me, investigating ways to improve overall health rather than watching and waiting has been empowering and even possibly delayed the need for treatment.

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