Can the liver be ‘cleansed’ by a detox diet or supplement?

Can the liver be ‘cleansed’ by a detox diet or supplement?

'Many over-the-counter products claim to “clean” your liver of “toxins”. But does the liver really respond to an over-the-counter product that claims to “detoxify” or “heal” its function?' Nick Fuller, Research Fellow, Clinical Trials Development and Assessment, University of Sydney looks at the evidence, particularly with regard to milk thistle and dandelion:

As the author concludes: 'Complementary medicines are one of the largest growing markets in the world. Governing bodies must continue to incentivise companies to conduct innovative research to support the specific claims accompanying their products. It’s imperative companies are transparent in their advertising claims so consumers know what they are spending their money on from both an efficacy and safety point of view.'



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