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In the news today article linking sugar and cancer cell growth


Just noticed this article in the news today linking sugar to cancer cell growth. The link to the original study is in the article, but I am not sure they are accurately interpreting the original article. Could someone more knowledgable than me take a look at this?

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Global News..hmmmm... its actually to do with yeasts...

I read the paper this morning, got lost after the effects of glucose and fructose on Ras...

This research builds on the Walburg effect that has been known about for decades...

It appears than sugars of all types, may work on cancer proliferation

Yeast and cancer cells share the unusual characteristic of favoring fermentation of sugar over respiration. We now reveal an evolutionary conserved mechanism linking fermentation to activation of Ras, a major regulator of cell proliferation in yeast and mammalian cells, and prime proto-oncogene product. A yeast mutant (tps1∆) with overactive influx of glucose into glycolysis and hyperaccumulation of Fru1,6bisP, shows hyperactivation of Ras, which causes its glucose growth defect by triggering apoptosis. Fru1,6bisP is a potent activator of Ras in permeabilized yeast cells, likely acting through Cdc25. As in yeast, glucose triggers activation of Ras and its downstream targets MEK and ERK in mammalian cells. Biolayer interferometry measurements show that physiological concentrations of Fru1,6bisP stimulate dissociation of the pure Sos1/H-Ras complex. Thermal shift assay confirms direct binding to Sos1, the mammalian ortholog of Cdc25. Our results suggest that the Warburg effect creates a vicious cycle through Fru1,6bisP activation of Ras, by which enhanced fermentation stimulates oncogenic potency.

Full paper... for the Phds in the crowd


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I know that sugar feeds yeast as I was on a yeast free diet for a while (not anything to do with cancer) but I was puzzled by the referral of fructose in the news article when the medical journal refers specifically to glucose feeding the yeast. At least that's what I remember from what I read.


Fru1,6bisP is a form of fructose... hyperactivates Ras

Perhaps it is a yeast sugar?

The study is on the nano micro level and Global pumps it up to the uber macro... 😮


Very interesting even though it is over my head😊. Sure doesn't hurt to eat healthy no matter what stage of life we are at.


Hi Chris....I'm doing well on Imbruvica and Allopurinol. Have taken four doses and so far so good. I feel good. I have a question since I clicked into this article on sugar. I've read conflicting reports on sugar and cancer. Here's my question. Each morning I have my coffee with flavored creamers. They contain 5 grams of sugar. I had been having two cups, but since beginning the meds have cut down to one cup. I will admit to being a sweets lover, but am now trying to cut down some. What are your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance for your reply. Carole


Sugar=bad.....on many levels. What a shame!


There is a lot of information about very low carb, high fat (ketogenic) diets for cancer. See Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet, by Ellen Davis. Although most of the information pertains to tumor inhibition, a ketogenic diet also helps cells get rid of faulty mitochondria and create healthy ones. Humans evolved eating animal protein, veggies, and no grains, and fruits that were way less sweet and only available in season.


There are a lot of dubious claims that changing your diet can alter the glucose level in your blood and thereby affect the growth of cancer.

The experts I have read, counter that your body can convert nearly all carbs, sugars, fats, etc. into glucose in the blood when needed. And all cells, cancerous or not, need glucose to survive. Except for those with diabetes and similar conditions the body maintains an adequate glucose level. So trying to translate the lab experiments that work on isolated cancer cells rarely work in the real world human body.



Before entering the world of extreme diets, I figure to continue to monitor my glucose results every 3 month after the CMP, and continue to follow Dr. Google:

Exercise Regularly. ...

Control Your Carb Intake. ...

Increase Your Fiber Intake. ...

Drink Water and Stay Hydrated. ...

Implement Portion Control. ...

Choose Foods With a Low Glycemic Index. ...

Control Stress Levels. ...

... in other words don't eat junk, don't live on the couch, don't fret, and drink water. That I can do.


Great advice Gemit!

Calorie intake down, fitness up, maintain healhy weight, hyradation, & fiber intake!


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